More than one dissenting vote in the comprehensive exam constitutes failure. No more than two grades of C will be accepted as credit for any graduate program. Traditional Manuscript Full Dissertation Templates: Teaching assistants must meet the enrollment requirements in the previous paragraph and are expected to make steady progress toward the completion of an advanced degree. In order to proceed to the oral exam, a student must pass the written exam, as determined by the committee. Courses at the level and higher are limited to students admitted to a doctoral program, or students who have permission from the program coordinator or course instructor. Graduate Academic and Degree Requirements.

For additional information, they may contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their committee at a minimum of once per year to seek continual guidance on their research program. A graduate student may not register for more than 12 hours in a regular semester without the approval of the appropriate college dean. College of Science and Engineering. Revalidation requests should be submitted on the Revalidation Request Form and accompanied by a written justification, updated degree plan, revalidation plan, and documentation used for revalidation. General Academic Policies and Regulations.

Persons with unique and appropriate expertise may be appointed to the dissertation committee upon approval of the Graduate Dean for the eoctoral portion of the doctoral program.

A student will not be placed on scholastic probation in a graduating semester if the cumulative GPA is 3. The student may repeat each course only one time.

For more information, contact the Program Specific Coordinator. The thesis must be checked for plagiarism and approved by the thesis committee prior to the defense.

Teaching assistants must meet the enrollment requirements in the previous paragraph disserfation are expected to make steady progress toward the completion of an advanced degree. Find Us Faculty Center, 1st floor Building 16 on campus map.


A student who fails the defense may repeat it once, but only after an interval of four months or more, and will dissertatin required to re-enroll in MARB – Dissertation Submission.

Program: Curriculum and Instruction, PhD – Texas A&M University Corpus Christi – Acalog ACMS™

The College of Graduate Studies checks your document for required formatting; we do not read your content. Specific program requirements can be found in the appropriate sections of the catalog. If a student fails the second defense, he or she will be terminated from the program. Please read over the following formatting guidelines. A research proposal must be submitted in written format and be presented in a meeting between the student and the doctoral committee. If accepted into the program, these students will be required to take up to 15 additional hours besides those already required for the curriculum emphasis in the doctoral program.

In addition to successful completion of all courses required for graduation, students are required to pass a comprehensive written examination taken during their final semester of enrollment or, if specified by the program, successfully complete a capstone experience or creative project or defend a thesis.

Dictoral graduate student may receive a degree upon satisfying the requirements of the catalog under which the student enrolled in the program, provided the catalog is no more than seven years old when the degree is conferred and the University still offers programs and required curriculum described in that catalog. The ten-year period begins the first semester students are enrolled and is calculated from the date of degree conferral. Terminal degree students will be required to continuously register in courses for a minimum period of one academic year, or longer if specified by dissertayion requirements of the program.

Placement dissetration Scholastic Probation: The student is responsible for dissertatjon the defense with the faculty involved. Persons seeking admission to the Ph. The role of this appointee is to serve as an impartial member of the committee to ensure the integrity of University standards as they apply to the Ph.


A course in which the final grade is a B may be repeated for a higher grade only with the permission of the Graduate Dean. Students interested in serving as graduate assistants should contact the coordinator of their graduate program to check availability.

Dissertation & Thesis Formatting Guidelines

A student on enforced withdrawal may not enroll in any graduate program for a minimum of 12 consecutive months. If the student holds a graduate assistantship, docoral, or other form of financial support, the enrollment requirement is typically set by the conditions for that support.

tamucc doctoral dissertation

Exceptions, provided the courses were completed at this university, will require strong justification in writing from the student requesting the exception as well as a revalidation plan. Courses listed on the plan of study completed more than seven years prior to graduation are considered dated.

An approved dissertation proposal must be on file prior to taking the qualifying exam.

tamucc doctoral dissertation

Please consult the specific program for details. Program in Marine Biology should first disertation the program faculty and identify a faculty member will to serve as the graduate advisor. For additional information, they may contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance. The following general academic requirements apply to all graduate programs. Changes in tamuxc degree plan must be approved by the doctoral committee chair, the College Dean, and the Graduate Dean.

A student may petition to graduate under a subsequent catalog under which credit was earned because of a preference to meet newer degree requirements.