Get In Touch Mailing address: The examination result must be reported to the Graduate Dean within 2 weeks of the completion of the exam. College of Liberal Arts. However, the headings and subheadings must be formatted to use this option. Removal from Scholastic Probation:

Students accepted to the Marine Biology PhD Program with an MS degree in an appropriate discipline must complete a minimum of 64 hours of coursework and research. The College of Education offers three doctoral degrees: Get In Touch Mailing address: The department chair or program coordinator recommends revalidation of dated courses. Applicants will not be admitted to the program without a graduate advisor. If the student holds a graduate assistantship, scholarship, or other form of financial support, the enrollment requirement is typically set by the conditions for that support. Final Oral Defense Examination Each student must pass a final oral defense examination during the last semester before graduation.

Dissertation & Thesis Formatting Guidelines – Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

No more than two grades of C will be accepted as credit for any graduate program. Students enrolled in programs leading to certification or licensure must meet all current certification and licensure requirements, regardless of the catalog chosen. The Doctotal of Philosophy Degree in Curriculum and Instruction is awarded in recognition of the attainment of independent and comprehensive scholarship in the field.

The College of Science and Engineering offers two degrees: A limited number of fellowships are available, and faculty members conducting funded research projects often hire qualified graduate students as Research Assistants. The student is responsible for scheduling the defense with the faculty involved. Preliminary page formatting is very detailed.


tamucc doctoral dissertation

For students staying beyond five years, in a number of cases there is still the possibility of a programmatic or individual exemption from the rule. Criteria for admission tamuucc the following:. The GFR does not vote on student performance, but may ask questions and is responsible for ensuring fairness of the exam.

tamucc doctoral dissertation

For more information contact the Compliance Office at Exceptions, provided the courses were completed at this university, will require strong justification in writing from the student requesting the exception as well as revalidation plan. Non-degree students must consult with the Marine Biology Program Coordinator to determine those courses in which they may enroll and those courses they may later apply to a Marine Biology degree, should they be admitted into the program.

General Academic Policies and Regulations. More than one dissenting vote in the comprehensive exam constitutes failure.

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The comprehensive exam must be passed and courses in the plan of study completed with a GPA of not less than 3. Teaching assistants must meet the enrollment requirements in the previous paragraph and are expected to make steady progress toward the completion of an advanced degree.

The majority of the doctoral degree plan course work must be doctoral-level courses. Changes in the degree plan must be approved by the doctoral committee chair, the College Dean, and the Graduate Dean.

For more information, contact the Program Specific Coordinator.

tamucc doctoral dissertation

The Graduate Faculty Representative will not be required to attend or evaluate materials related to the comprehensive examination. The role of this appointee is to serve dodtoral an impartial member of the committee to ensure the integrity of University standards as they apply to the Ph.


In order to proceed to the oral exam, a student must pass the written exam, as determined by the committee. Academic and Student Services. Tab leaders should be used between the content titles and the page numbers.

A student will not be placed on scholastic probation in a graduating semester if the cumulative GPA is 3. The programs are designed tamucx encourage students to make contributions that advance their field of expertise.

Click the headers below for more information. Courses must have been completed at this university to be eligible for revalidation.

Curriculum and Instruction, PhD

Applicants will not be admitted to the program without a graduate advisor. A graduate student may not register for more than 12 hours in a regular semester without the approval of the appropriate college dean. Once the dissertation is completed and approved by the GAC, the results of the research must be presented orally and publicly.

In addition to the general Transfer of Credit Policy, specific requirements must be met for courses that may transfer for terminal degree credit. The doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction is a progressive and evidence-based program that offers students the choice of two tracks: Repetition of a Course for Multiple Credit: