The company is the second leading market before the Clubcard. Customer satisfaction leads to positive word — of — mouth communications, loyalty, repeated purchase and more profitability for organizations. During the review of literature and collection of primary data, the researcher has identified some issues and concepts that can be use as future research ideas. On the other hand, some researchers identified that customer satisfaction depends on overall quality of product or service or both Shamdasani et al. The survey results in respect to level of satisfaction with quality of service at Tesco. Both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is very subjective approach and differ from person to person.

Thus, the author would like to opine that the Tesco plc, UK is providing some of the unique and separate activities compare to other retailers for the purpose of satisfying customer that lead to customer loyalty at Tesco plc, UK. They have mentioned that there are mainly following research approaches-. Social Harm or Crime? Definition and explanation of customer satisfaction: The research report has been prepared in such a way that is applicable to the general aspect in relation to the critical analysis of the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco, UK to the similar organization and in some cases to the different organization as well. In competitive business environment customer satisfaction and customer loyalty has become an important research topic and some academic researchers are paying considerable attention to explore and evaluate the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty Khan et al.

Hallowell, ; Fornell et al.

According to Lawfercustomer loyalty is a response to how a business presents its products and services and described that customer loyalty is an clkbcard that depends on personal view and opinion and there is no particular reasons for which the customer make purchase again and again from a business. Demand management, such as portfolio management, category management, space management etc.

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The researcher has chosen Tesco Leytonstone Superstore to conduct interview and survey. Product quality, service quality and price fairness are the strongest factors to control customer loyalty level of Tesco in UK market. Based on the inductive research approach, the researcher provide a specific theory or model from the general issues under the research subject while in deductive approach, the researcher provide general issues from a specific issue under the research subject Bryman and Bell, Relevance of the research for the chosen organization: The recommendations and implications of this research project in terms of academic and organizational perspective can be represent as follows.


However, Muijs has noted that there are three key concepts in quantitative methods, such as validity, reliability and generalisability.

The survey results in relation to factors affecting customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco. The researcher would like to represent the research aim and objectives as follows.

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Definition of customer satisfaction as the degree of happiness by the customers after consuming products and services of an organization. Suggestions and comments regarding increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco plc, UK. There may have some disadvantages of used research disertation that can be shown as follow. Bryman and Bell have mentioned that inductive and deductive research approaches are dissertatiion used to explore and analyse close relations between two variables.

For example, Ederer et al.

Critical analysis of customer satisfaction and loyalty (Tesco, UK)

The questions in the questionnaire are mostly close-ended questions based on Likert Scale Rating which has been analysed through factor percentage analysis method. In this case, the researcher act as objective and analyst and work independently. The researcher has collected both qualitative and quantitative data. Club card is about more than just earning money-off vouchers and that they can use points as currency in other areas of their lives.

So, the critical evaluation of CRM to increase customer satisfaction in an organization, like Tesco plc, UK can be regard as future research project. Based on the pragmatism, the research question has key role within the research project as well as the research is based on the practical outcomes. The Store Manager was male and aged 35 years who have been working for more than 8 years tezco the case studied organization, such as Tesco plc.

For instance, all of the interviewees, such as Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager and Team Leader have mentioned that the company is using several tools and techniques e. Thus, it can be said that customer satisfaction is closely related with the customer loyalty.


Measuring customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco within the UK market.

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The researcher has divided primary findings and their analysis into two parts- research findings from the semi-structured interviews and their analysis; and research findings from the questionnaire survey and their analysis.

In recent competitive retail industry, particularly in the UK, the issue of customer dissertatoin and customer loyalty is very important and crucial for the organization to achieve goals and objectives Beatson et al. The survey results in respect to level of satisfaction with quality of service at Tesco. According to Tejadadata can be present through several ways, including presenting tables and figures, presenting numbers and presenting the results both qualitative and quantitative.

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So, the author would like to mention that there are several factors, such as product quality, service quality, bonuses and incentives provided by organization, behaviour and attitudes of the customers etc. Despite of having some researches on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at supermarket within the UK, there is no sufficient research works in relation to the critical analysis of the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco PLC in the UK Capizzin and Ferguson, To fulfil the main aim, the following objectives will be further accomplished.

Dissertatin example, Saunders et al have mentioned that under the chapter research findings and their analysis, the researcher has to present all of the relevant data collected from primary research. Level of satisfaction with price of product at Tesco plc, UK.

tesco clubcard dissertation