Brother and his friends build and race a go-cart. I was so excited. Everyone started asking me about it, friends of friends, coworkers, long lost classmates from elementary school. Faced with the prospect of spending a whole week with their grandparents, Brother and Sister are sure they’re in for the most boring time of their lives. Are you decorating the outside of your home as well this year? These are only a few of the many animals featured in Under the Sea, keep an eye out at your local bookstore for Under the sea, or pre-order online today!

The cubs are moping around the house because the weather keeps interfering with their outdoor plans, so Mama helps them adjust their plans. When practically every cub in town shows up, the party really gets out of hand. Click on the images below to view them at full size! How will the Bear family cope with the loss of Goldie. Thanksgiving All Around is a Lift-the-Flap book. New Girl In Town.

But a messy cabin, noisy animals, a swarm of mosquitos, and a rainstorm just might dampen hasslle of their fun. The weather has turned chilly and it is almost time for Thanksgiving!

Then they learn that Mama has arranged for Mrs. Since it is the season of cheer we have compiled a list of every Berenstain Bear Christmas book just for you! The story has to be planned around a series of hidden surprises, these hidden elements must be logically worked into each illustration and each flap that covers the surprise must be created as a separate illustration which much line up precisely with the illustration underneath.

Back home, Papa teaches the cubs how to build a kite. The Attic Much like the basement the attic has not changed much. Brother isn’t allowed to watch TV, listen to music or anything until he gets caught up with his homework. The Berenstain Bears Go to School.


While vacationing at an old lighthouse that is rumored to be haunted, the cubs follow the clues to track down who or what is responsible for the mysterious sights and sounds they’re encountering.

We have rounded up some of our Favorite Bear Summer Vacation stories for you and your cubs this summer.

Wishing Star/Homework Hassle

People have questioned the pronunciation of my last name since I can remember. Sister picks up some inappropriate language, and Mama helps her see that the words she uses say a lot about herself.

Jealous of Brother’s new bike, Sister sneaks out to ride it, then has to be rescued because it’s too big for her to control. Print on a heavier paper like card stock, and follow the directions also included below. Adults often interpret this feature as simply disrespectful of fatherhood and undermining parental authority. Photos from the individual The Berenstain Bears episodes are listed along with the The Berenstain Bears episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode.

This task required an outside service to take what was on the reels and make it up-loadable for all to see.

The cubs discover that there’s more fun and adventure on a trip to Bear Country’s national parks than any amusement park could ever offer. Did the TV versions convey the expected emotions?

the berenstain bears homework hassle full episode

The Bear family makes sure all their pets—Little Lady, Gracie, Swish, and their new bird, Keats—look and feel their best for the big day. Mama’s one-week hqssle on television watching first creates a panic, then helps Brother, Sister, and Papa rediscover some other pleasures. A bee flies by.


the berenstain bears homework hassle full episode

Nothing beats homewor heat like sitting in the shade with a great book! So, they approached HarperCollins with the idea of creating a separate line of Berenstain Bears books on spiritual themes.

The Berenstain Bears: Slumber Party/The Homework Hassle – Ep.8

The Berenstain Bears Pet Rescue. Many of our younger fans are familiar with our Television Series on PBS, but did you know the Bears have been on the small screen since ? How much of the language were you actually learning? When Mama decides to open her own quilt shop, Papa and the cubs worry more about how they’ll manage around the house than about supporting her new project. His room is so messy, Brother and Sister stuff everything in the closet. For instance, the character of Papa Bear—accident-prone, over-confident etc.

Sister is struggling with being patient, and Gramps helps her out with a story.

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These had previously been housed at an outside storage facility. However, when she wishes for a pony and it doesn’t bwars, Papa helps Sister understand that she really got her first two wishes all by herself. This site uses cookies.