The Registrar’s Office draws up the diploma and the certificate of the doctoral training programme. The student is entitled to get the necessary supervision and guidance, by means of a number of counselling talks during which all aspects of the work can be discussed. Choice of paper If the department pays your tuition fee internal payment , the department needs to create an internal order form in SAP and mail it to s. In agreement with the jury members and at least 48 hours prior to your public defense, give a copy to each member of the exam committee, unless they have decided differently. Basic HTML elements 4.

Each version is available in English or Dutch, in pixels not too heavy for internet of pixels for big or wide screen. Or show the corporate film of Ghent University: The promoter coaches the student actively during these counselling talks, during which both the scientific aspects and the learning process can be discussed. View all awards and prizes you can win with your master’s dissertation. Master’s dissertations submitted beyond the due date for a given examination period, cannot be defended in that examination period anymore. Proclamation The proclamation follows immediately after the deliberation.

Apply for PhD Defense — Faculty of Bioscience Engineering — Ghent University

For all the faculty sub-entities a colour accent is added to the profile picture. Check any possible changes Make sure you didn’t make any unreported changes during your PhD track. Find a room for thesid reception after the defense: These talks can be organized at fixed points of time or after making an appointment.


If you have passed, you may carry the title of ‘doctor’. Should this not be the case, you can collect the documents at the Registrar’s Office.

Check every slide and adjust where needed. For your public defense, you will need to print public hard copies of your dissertation to hand out to the Faculty Student Administration, the exam committee and the audience.

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Reserve gowns for the jury members Contact Hilde. Use the slide division to select the different types of slides.

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Grid and layout 7. Have a look at the room plan of room A0. Dare ugenh Think 8. This advice includes a clause regarding the status of research results with a potential for valorisation. This app was developed by the academic department of Geography. Are you enrolled correctly? Therefore, make sure that you pay the tuition fee before the doctoral defense, even though your invoice may have a later due date.

Select “Browse for themes Problems concerning the availability of the student or concerning the availability of and the guidance by the tutor s or promoter s can be reported to the ombudsperson.

If a compulsory doctoral training thesus was required at the start of tesis doctoral research, the Faculty Board will examine whether you have completed the programme successfully in a timely manner based on the advice of the Doctoral School.

Doctoral defense

Especially bullets provide some errors in the layout. Resubmission of a new version of the PhD needs to wait for at least a year. UGent Panno Text Medium 35 pt example software icons: Do not use other logos. Home Research Doctoral research Enrolment doctorate Ph. This way a faculty, academic department, research group or lab within one faculty can distinguish themselves.


Questions about the master’s dissertation procedure English master programmes: You can find them in one zip file with the Dutch and English templates.

Place this above the name of your management or faculty. Read the ‘Instructions’ here below to install the signature in your e-mail software. The oral defense takes place in the presence ugen the Exam Committee and the public. This consists of two parts: Procedure in general all Faculties You submit your dissertation to the Faculty Board in the required number of copies, together with the advice of the Doctoral Guidance Committee or the PhD supervisor.

Hand in 4 instead of 5 hard copies and fbd proof of the Biblio submission to the Faculty Student Administration.

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Results or data gathered during the internship cannot ugennt nor completely be used for the master dissertation. Reservations After a positive internal defense, you can start organizing your public defense. You should be able to perform those changes within a reasonable amount of time: