Remember the Swadeshi movement led by Gandhi, through the Khadi fabric. Because Balram trusted everything related to science blindly. They were digging up a pit, an Anderson air-raid shelter for their own security, doing it like a domestic chore. And refusing or rejecting this narrativity would mean refusing or rejecting any or all meaning in the recounted event. Some things are always clouded by guesses, they lie buried for decades until some historian or an artist like Amitav Ghosh tries to uncover them to light!

The kind of historical retrieval Ghosh undertakes here, depends largely upon reclamation of oral memory through which historically damaged selves could be remedied. In an Antique Land provides us with glimpses into the peace and tranquility of the pre-colonial world, the Ibis Trilogy encompasses the tumult and chaos under colonialism, while The Shadow Lines offers a perspective on postcolonial times. People today know this place only as a rich source of oil and money, which is Westernized and sophisticated like any other Middle East country. Identity may be defined as the distinctive characteristic belonging to any given individual, or shared by all members of a particular social category or group. The letters were taken out of the Geniza [6] in Egypt during the pillaging of the region by the West. Also, there will be a desire to create new meanings, which will create new story spaces every time the task is attempted. Amitav Ghosh literally turns the tables down by giving authoritarian power of history-recording job to a marginal character like Nury Damonhouri:

But it had been consciously alive even before in India.

A Critical Study of the Novels of Amitav Ghosh – Etheses

Ghosh looks into this oppressed part of history — where many of the things coming from not the West but some other quarters of the world, are kept under covers. Amitav Ghosh relates these very instances to the great movement of decolonization- the form of active resistance for self-determination and national independence, which finally won out. Pivotal to this is the presence of power dynamics involved in the process. Weaving transpires as all encompassing like a mother!


As can be inferred from the title, the concept of reason as conceived in Western modernity is the central theme running through all three parts of the amita.

thesis on the novels of amitav ghosh

The author attempts to re-awaken those past realities poetically. If compared to the Chaura- Chauri case, these riots had an altogether different fate. Without further acknowledging the role played by the East in Western thought, he claims that the East can make no further contributions in this teleological movement of history even though Sanskrit was only recently discovered by the Occident towards the late eighteenth-century by The Asiatic Society.

It is a historical fact today that sits on archeological evidence. It is interesting to note while many authors withdrew into history as protest against the baseness and triviality, against the stupidity and depravity of the bourgeois class ghosj their times.

MA Thesis on Amitav Ghosh

He conveys it clear that thw the partition is a mainstream history, the incident also amounts thhe the same stature with its losses, agony and historicity. Balram goes to the extreme of eccentric behavior when he tears apart the skull of venerated Ma Sarawati publicly in the Lalpukur school premises 30 — to the horror of all! The John Hopkins University Press. To this, he also adds references from Indian and Chinese historians as well to give a balanced and fair position to his account.

Narrating Alternative History in Amitav Ghosh’s works

Translating, therefore, the written word opens a broad spectrum where the author-historian can indulge in figuration which will thsis his end. My dear doctor, how can you make out that we are in this country for any reason but to steal?

The aim of modern historians is to challenge this very foundation of Western historiography because when put to the test of historicity, it fails to hold much water.

Fontana Press,p. The cluster of friends-like Alan, Dan, Francesca- by singing and walking with their arms clasped together, are not going to brave the bullets.

His Ibis trilogy, of which only two novels have come out so far, has given him the unique distinction of being a literary writer with popular appeal. Although this is ironical that these migratory birds leave home behind to look for the same out of their legal peripheries and nation states, applying devious means.


Amitav Ghosh reminds the readers of the riches of material culture in traditional communities and the wealth of accumulated knowledge which is generally ignored.


White calls the person who has the authority to write an agent maker of history while the person being written about hgosh commodity or a patient. The text brings forth several settings in which hybridized versions of reason are sketched.

thesis on the novels of amitav ghosh

The first wave of colonisation had already streaked the sea shores red around Al Ghazira. It reflects upon the fact that the diaspora are mostly cultural minorities in social power if not always in number. India was in the throes of national movement against imperialism of Britain, which was itself in turn fighting with Germany.

thesis on the novels of amitav ghosh

He shows how the whole of the ancient world hummed with the cloth trade But Ghosh does not construe to this notional classification.

She tries to purge Dr. He brings out the multiple and contradictory material practices embedding these historical events.

It was all because of his religion. Like always this change of footing takes Alu from troubles to peace and maturity after a host of vhosh experiences. He could feel the streets and the city turning against them, the dispassionate lull was more horrifying than the uproar.

In Siting Translation, Tejaswini Niranjana suggests that In a post-colonial guosh the problematic of translation becomes a significant site for raising questions of representation, power, and historicity.