That is the larger question behind this examination of the “fire poems. The workers were locked in to control theft and had only one exit on each floor when the fire started. There were no fire drills, no sprinkler system. Reprinted in Leon Stein, ed. The Triangle Fire tragically illustrated these inadequacies.

There were no fire drills, no sprinkler system. It was almost spring, almost Passover and Easter. It has been a privilege to share this work with reading and listening audiences around the country. I imagine these poets–however diasporically situated–as conveying a women’s minyan–individual voices coming together to engage in a ceremony of definition. They take on the burden of mourning and memory, and the poems become a kind of Kaddish, a secular prayer evoked out of class and gender memory, and of shared knowledge of the dangers of unprivileged work. One by one the bundles started their journey to the street casting fantastic shadows as they swirled about and traveled slowly down. Stein’s research and the resurgent scholarship on women’s literature and history converge to provide an impetus and context for contemporary fire poetry.

triangle shirtwaist fire of 1911 essay

Many were involved in the famous shirtwaist workers strike of Henry contrasts the simple morality of right and wrong of ordinary people as situated within a hidden, powerful new “lawless” business and industrial world “so complex and so complicated Conditions were horrid and disaster was inevitable, and disaster did strike in March, Their poetry is not a praisesong to death 1191 to God, but a way to use language replete with religious allusions as a force against historical oblivion.

News accounts of the fire note the ironic coincidence that the same police who had arrested and clubbed striking waistmakers the previous winter were now piling their bodies into city coffins.

But, as Leon Stein reports, no one came to claim the aid.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Of 1911 An Outline Of The Tragedy W/ Work Cited

For example, the news stories incorporate simile and metaphor, a “spider’s web fire escape,” and irony, “every care was taken to insure death of girls” piled deep behind “iron door of profit” to create visual images worthy of the gravity of the event.


The event–because it is a profound tragedy inflicted on common people–becomes the catalyst for breaking silence. Asch buildingBlanck and Harris, the factory ownerskilled women and 15 men in twenty minutesNo regulations – accusations were not supported by any lawsRepresentatives from the Women’s Trade Union League, the Workmen’s Circle Arbeiter Ringthe Jewish Daily Forward, and the United Hebrew Trades formed the Joint Relief Committee, which allotted lump sums, often shirtwaiist be remitted abroad, to Russia or Italy.

These poets write not just for themselves, but in fird with the women triange died.

I will begin by detailing the triangpe of the fire and reviewing newspaper and literary responses contemporaneous with the fire. The payroll listed only the contractors; the company never knew exactly how many workers it employed Stein The Call grouped individual portraits and the names of dead workers. One such tragedy shirtwwist on Saturday, March 25th,it was closing time at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory and hundreds of employees were preparing to leave when a fire broke out on the 8th floor trapping Jewish and.

And then eclipsed by two world wars and a global depression, very little about the fire until after the publication and republication of Stein’s book and the commemorative events he helped organize.

An Essay about Triangle Fire Poetry–by Janet Zandy

Harvard University Press, It appears as though it was common. Research paper on NASA thesis and outline and work cited page words – 16 pages When and where are they going?

In a way, shitwaist first Triangle poem was a female answer to Rosenfield’s poem. Fuel cannot burn without oxygen. In November81 Chinese workers, mostly women who were making Christmas toys for Western markets, died in a Hong Kong-owned factory. As I read and reread these fire poems, I hear an urgency in the writing, a clarity about the difference between “texts” and human lives and a shitwaist for language honed so well that it might snap these rtiangle back to life.


This fire poetry is not an expression of individualistic angst; nor is it an effort to make it new.

triangle shirtwaist fire of 1911 essay

Phone conversation, February, He locates the sorrow of shirtwajst city not with “battle nor fiendish pogrom, nor with natural forces–earthquakes or lightning–but with the unnaturalness of greed personified as “Mammon” devouring “our sons and daughters” like a capitalistic Minotaur. A Lesson in Legislative Manipulation.

See The Critical Act: It is a history and consciousness reclaimed. They were lovely deceptions, simultaneously concealing and enhancing the female figure, presenting a “clean” look sjirtwaist a fabric “more combustible than paper” Stein The Red Cross raised substantial emergency funds for immediate distribution on the Monday after the fire.

Although spirituality and workers consciousness are not often juxtaposed, I want to recognize the interplay of secular and religious literary tropes as evidence of a secular spirituality calling for economic justice.

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Miracles – Identify a philosopher and examine their understanding of the term miracle. Others have taken it personally too. Socialist lawyer Morris Hillquit noted how they didn’t go down with their workers, “what a tremendous difference between the captains of ships and the captains of industry!

triangle shirtwaist fire of 1911 essay

In other words, these materials are both the stuff of the writing and the means to the writing–subject and agency to new poetic subjectivities.