Cineaste 36 1 Late Edition – Final. What is most important is that your references in text are consistent and give your reader a clear idea of the source being cited. Harvard Law Review Association, What’s new in the 17th Edition. Generally treating the name of the conference like a book title or author and searching it as keywords in our catalog or WorldCat will allow you to track down the full information about the conference. You will often find the DOI displayed prominently in the bibliographic information for a publication.

With the publication of this new edition of the Publication Manual , retrieval date is no longer necessary for most fixed forms of publication that will not be routinely updated. Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. Access dates are largely optional, unless the date of publication or revision cannot be determined from the online source. A cooperative of the British Library, higher education institutions in Britain, and CRL, with more than , records and a growing number of theses in full text online. ProQuest abstract number, if available. Accessed January 26,

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In Editor First Initial. The titles of unpublished theses and dissertations dissetration given in quotes, rather than in italics. Harvard Law Review Association, Those theses not available in full text can be requested on Interlibrary Loan. A First look at Lessons Learned from Katrina: Review of Winter’s Bonedirected by Debra Granik.


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The APA now prefers that authors provide the DOI digital object identifier for electronic publications, when available. Read more about DOIs. Retrieved from database name or URL. Title of Magazinevolumepages.

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Journal or Magazine Namevolume, pages. Authors have some discretion in citing entries in online reference sources. These indexes may or may not include the DOI in their citations.

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In general, an “accessed’ date is not needed unless the document itself is undated. Comparison of two exercise programs on general well-being of college students. See the Manual sections Review of Winter’s Bone filmdirected by Debra Granik.

University of Arkansas Press, One can use the title of the web site or resource and “s. Ref Desk LB Okes, accessed January 15, Page Author Second Initial. Roosa, Stephen and Matt Hanka. New York Timesp. The Rhetoric of Dissent: This style is commonly used by scholars in the fields of history and diesertation humanities.


uark dissertation guide

Librarian has observed in one work that some citation guidelines are suggestive rather than prescriptive a while claiming the opposite in another b. Journal or Magazine Name volume issue: In text, the reference is very brief and usually consists simply of the author’s last name and a date.

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Offers the full text of journals guiee conference proceedings from ACM and some affiliated organizations as well as bibliographic citations drawn from the ACM Guide to Computing Literature. Marren, “Between Slavery and Freedom: Second Author Second Initial. A celebration of popular music in Arkansas. Design and implementation of an osteoporosis prevention program using the health belief model.