Make an appointment with Dr. And here they are. History Honors student poster session. Committees generally start with easy questions ex. Summer Programs Senior Thesis.

If not, also great. You can also make an appointment for advisement at undergradresearch udel. We’re here to answer all your questions about Undergraduate Research and to pass out candy! A qualified candidate for the McNair Scholars Program must: South College Community Day.

Section Breaks Section breaks are good for when you want to have one page show up landscaped, but everything else in portrait mode.

Make sure you will have time after your defense to make any requested changes and get the final copy to the Undergraduate Research Program. Your PowerPoint presentation if you decide to use a visual; it is highly recommended. Add in section breaks see above. At this point, you could probably defend in your sleep.

You should schedule your defense by the deadline. You are now telling Word that the page numbers in your sections are different.

The McNair Scholars Program prepares undergraduate students for doctoral studies through involvement in seenior research and other scholarly activities. Please enable JavaScript to navigate this site.


The Defense

Re-Group for final discussion and discussion of revisions to your thesis 5 — 20 minutes Generally, defenses can last anywhere from 75 minutes to 2 hours with 90 minutes being the median time. Find a second reader.

Remember to also apply online and check out our handbook too! Please enable JavaScript to navigate this site.

Senior Thesis |

Graduate News Graduate Targett Timothy. Do you have any friends or students that are going to be entering their senior year this fall ?

If you are using LaTeX, please contact your department. Just delete the page numbers. Our office will get this signature for you. As the capstone of your undergraduate experience, a senior thesis provides you with the opportunity to draw upon everything you have learned in your college experience and make a significant contribution of your own.

Please enable JavaScript to navigate this site. Unlike most term projects, papers, and lab reports written in undergraduate courses, a senior thesis addresses questions or issues for which no known or generally accepted answers exist.

If not, also great.

udel senior thesis handbook

Tehsis – if you are registered for thesis hours for this semester, you should have received an email today with lots of important information. Interested in writing a Senior Thesis?


UDThesis Styles

After you make these revisions, your thesis will be officially complete. Put a section break after the Approval Page and after the last page of your Front matter. You can also download a PDF of the paper application below.

udel senior thesis handbook

Section breaks tell Word that you are creating a new section of your document, which might have different kinds of formatting than the rest of the document. Come check out our table at Major Mania! Fourth signature for DWD: Research mentorship celebrated at th annual Senior Thesis Symposium.

udel senior thesis handbook

JavaScript is required to properly view this page. Go to the first section your Title and Approval pages. Ud thesis guidelines University of Uddl. Go to Breaks upper right hand corner. We need you fill out some paperwork, and ask about your course load for your senior year. Leader dots Leader dots are a kind of tab.