Printing quality- hardcopy of the report should be printed using laser printer. If internet information is used, it must be from valid sources eg. Students should use this section to strengthen the background of the study so that the reader will have enough knowledge to understand the research project. The abstract should be a brief summary of the research scope containing the background, research question, general approaches, and findings. This applies to information from FYP reports and postgraduate thesis of previous students. Results If the results are abundant, it is advisable to separate this section from the discussion if it is not appropriate to be combined. Introduction This section should focus on the brief introduction of the research emphasizing on the reasoning of the problem.

In cases of direct quotations, it should be the last name s followed by year and then page number for example: State the trend, range and significant aspects of the tables you have presented. Language – The report should be written either in English. This means the last name s followed by the year for example: Headings and sub-headings should be highlighted in bold. Plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty.

In a recent finding the expression of human kDa Myosin Light Chain MLC-2 gene was found to be down-regulated in the tumour colon tissue compared to the normal colon tissue.

Language – The report should be written either in English. Implications and potential applications of the findings can be included. Headings and sub-headings should be highlighted in bold. This should be done before the oral presentation session of the final year project.


References cited should be included to strengthen and support the statement of problem. Pagination- The page numbers should be printed 25 mm from bottom edge and placed in the center.

Thesis Format Page Guidelines – UNIMAS Institutional Repository

It should contain comparison of results with earlier findings and interpretations of the differences if any. If the method used has a standard protocol, state the method according to the existing protocol refer to the guidelines on preparing FYP proposal, STF Printing quality- hardcopy of the report should be printed using laser printer.

unimas postgraduate thesis format

Unimas logo is not required in the front page of the project report. Objektif kajian ini adalah untuk mencari mutasi di dalam gen MLC-2 antara tisu normal dan tisu tumor usus besar dengan kaedah penghadaman endonuklease pemotong.

Retrieved July 24,from http: Tables and figures containing detailed and raw data can be included as appendices. Tiada pemotongan yang abnormal yang diperolehi antara dua sampel usus besar normal dan tumor. Reference from internet sources must include the retrieval date and URL address, and a hardcopy of the first page to the webpage should be attached as appendix.

Each report should have a minimum of 30 pages including tables and figures excluding the appendix.

unimas postgraduate thesis format

Skip to main content. Cover page Please refer to Appendix A. This applies to information from FYP reports and postgraduate formzt of previous students.

Thesis Format Page Guidelines

The objective of this study is to screen for mutation in the MLC-2 gene of the normal and tumour samples by restriction endonucleases.


Statements or methods by previous researchers whose authenticity have been acknowledged must be cited.

unimas postgraduate thesis format

Margin A4 size papers: Perpetrators ynimas be subjected to disciplinary action refer to Item Abstract should not be more than one page. Two to three photographs are only allowed if these materials are absolutely necessary to help readers toward a better understanding of the written report. It should not contain detailed data or extensive amount of raw data. For tables, a caption should be written at the top of the table while for figures a caption should be written at the bottom of the figure.

Limitations if any and recommendations where relevant can also be discussed.

However, the acknowledgement should not exceed one page. The objectives of the research also should be included in this part. For the final report submission the distribution of number of copies are as follows: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a thfsis link.

IV List of Tables and Figures …………………………………………………. However, legends and captions for tables and figures, and list of references should be single-spaced.