After questions are over, the committee will convene to determine the outcome. You have to push yourself to keep to your plan, and keep churning out more and more of your analysis. Some students will have publishers interested in publishing their work, or have sensitive patent information in their thesis or dissertation, or even have a signed contract to write a book. If you are a Doctoral student, make sure that your supervisor completes a confirmation of arms-length status form prior to your examination. Or, you may be considering one theorist or mode of analysis in chapter A and a different theorist or mode of analysis in chapter B. Sign and submit the completed request for oral examination form together with an updated CV from the External Examiner for approval by the Dean as well as a copy of the Confirmation of Arm’s Length Status Form.

Remember, you also need to have a thesis committee, and you need to allow the committee four weeks to read your final manuscript before you can defend it! When the members of your supervisory committee are satisfied that you have a defensible thesis, they will sign a Request for Oral Examination. When your thesis format has been approved, the UVic librarians will archive and publish your thesis. You may be trying to prove that something is true or you may simply be trying to explore a puzzling phenomenon and describe it in its full complexity. The Faculty of Graduate Studies does not cover any expenses incurred in relation to PhD and Master’s oral examinations.

If you want additional copies bound, please give them to the Graduate Program Assistant along with the required copies.

uvic thesis defence

When it comes time to defending your thesis or dissertation and passing the oral examination, and ultimately graduating, there are many steps and forms you need to pay attention to. What you are handing out at this point is a version of your thesis that you think should not require revisions although this defenve rarely the case.

You must apply uvoc graduate before the Graduate Admissions and Records Office can proceed with setting up your Oral Exam.


Master’s thesis – University of Victoria

Skip to primary navigation. If your thesis is larger than Mb or you have appendices or ancillary information for the examiners such as a performance video you will have to bring your thesis and ancillary materials to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies appropriately formatted on a DVD. The external examiner must be appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies in consultation with the department sand must be an arm’s-length authority in the field of research being examined.

Your committee members may sign off on your thesis at a time when you are still doing some final revisions; however, you will need to have the examination copy of your thesis ready for the External Examiner when the Request for Oral Examination form has been submitted. Rest in Poetry The Ring.

Return to page content. In the event that a faculty member is unable to attend, please read this memo.

You may decide to abandon the field research component simply because it is too difficult to do the field research in the time you have available. You may sense before you are finished that a major reorganization is necessary.

uvic thesis defence

You may find yourself doing a great deal of re-writing at this stage. It is the student’s or the supervisor’s responsibility theeis send a copy of the thesis to the external examiner and this copy must be identical to the committee’s copies.

Expect minutes of questions from each examiner. New book focuses on field schools The Ring.

uvic thesis defence

This is the time to see the project as your examiners will encounter it. Normally defencee committee members and External Examiner are located on campus and no travel or postage expenses are necessary. Skip to global menu.

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All supervisory committee members are normally expected to be present for their students’ oral examinations. Be prepared to explain decisions, support structural and formal elements, and offer insight into how the project came to be. A thesis is an academic exercise and that it is designed to teach you things that you cannot easily learn in any other way. The draft you have in mid-June should reflect this shift, but you are likely to find that you have cobbled things together in a way that is not entirely satisfying to you or anyone else.


Skip to page content. When the members of your supervisory committee are satisfied that you have a defensible thesis, they will sign a Request for Oral Examination.

Pinstripes and flippers: UVic grad student takes academia underwater

You must also submit a copy of the thesis approval form to your supervisor at the time of your examination. Release the idea that you must know everything.

As far as Irvine knows, UVic will be the first university anywhere to pull off a live-streaming, ocean-to-surface, webcast thesis defence.

Although you may lack refence experience to do more than a little bit in your Master’s thesis, the point is to do that little defece as well as you can, and to learn what you need to know, in order to do more serious research and writing in the future.

Final submission – University of Victoria

The first thing you should do is to moderate your own expectations. Two Arm’s Length Uvjc Forms one form per supervisor must be submitted if defeence have two co-supervisors.

Normally, you are not writing for publication — although an exceptionally good Master’s thesis may provide the basis for an academic article or short book, as some UVic Political Science students have achieved in recent years. You must allow at least two weeks for your supervisor to review your thesis. You must allow at least two weeks for your committee to read your thesis.