It is not a magic coding pill that will create a new career out of thin air. So, is this course right for you? Where as it might take somebody 2 years of learning on their own, this class can chop that in half You make an excellent point, as this program does require a commitment of time and effort from our students. We are constantly working to ensure the success of our students and are very proud of the passion and support that our instructional staff provides. Think of it as an investment for your future self!

We’re happy to hear you were satisfied with the program and found our instructional team to be so knowledgeable. As you mentioned, we are a new program and we’d love to hear more from you about how we can improve the course. BUT, hopefully the new leadership will make the very much needed changes and improve the services for the next cohort, and for our cohort from here on out. As you noted, it’s important for students to continue learning and developing their skills, even after graduating from the course, in order to reinforce their career search. Congratulations on completing the boot camp, Alan! We are thrilled to hear that our program had such a powerful and positive impact on your ability to achieve your career goals. It will be stressful and very frustrating at times.

Think of it as an investment for your future self!

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It is wonderful to hear that we were able to provide the help and support you needed in order to be successful. We are happy to hear our curriculum helped you gain in-demand industry skills and that you felt supported by our instructors and TAs as you transitioned into a significant career change. Those 6 months flew by! If you graduated from prior to OctoberPlease leave your review for. Thank you for your review and for imparting some great advice to potential students.


If you are serious about starting on a new career path or just getting started as a developer, I think it is a great start. We just sent a special link to your email – go click that link to publish this review.

The ability to work in teams, learn development workflow, practice soft skills, and prepare for being in the industry. Already have an account? Offer is only valid for new applicants. Please note that we reserve the right to review and remove commentary that violates our policies.

I decided to attend the UNCC Coding Bootcamp at the recommendation on one of my co-workers at the financial company we worked for.

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This program while very rewarding is difficult. We understand all individuals will have different boot camp experiences, and we are fully supportive of each personal narrative posted on review sites, like this one.

Students have access to participate in experiential learning opportunities. I was able to produce quality work and able to find a computer programming job two months after completion. After an incident in class involving a TA and other students that caused me great indignity, I complained and yes it was ignored. I landed my job because my instructor connected me with a recruiter that got me to where I was, and I was aggressive with making connections at MeetUps.

I can’t believe how much I have learned, and I have accomplished things that are beyond what I imagined possible in just three months. THere are times when you will want to give up, want to brush off an assigment, but don’t. You are correct that if you work hard and rigorously study, you will be prepared to step out into today’s job market – this is great advice for future students!


You have to put in a lot of time and have to stay on top of things for the full class. Use good grammar and check unfc spelling.

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Thank you for coming back to TA for us, we are really passionate about education and homewprk appreciate your enjoyment of teaching and writing code. If you choose not to do this you may quickly fall behind in the class.

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You can totally immerse yourself with 30 other students all trying to accomplish the same thing Congratulations on securing the job of your dreams, Eric! The boot camp gave me a TON of information across a full stack of development and really helped me understand the things I needed to get into the workforce.

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We are thrilled to hear that our program had such a powerful and positive impact on your ability to achieve your career goals. Yes, he really does have his radio on playing music while explaining the assignment. We qeb to first congratulate you on seeing the course through to the end and finishing strong!

Worth it if you put the effort in Overall Experience:. The boot camp does not guarantee you a job once finished but if you go through the process of not only learning the technical aspects but also developing your portfolio and following the steps advised by career services you will put yourself in a position to gain employment.

He is very homewokr and explains things in very accessible ways.