What is different and what is similar? However, it was the opposite, just as Iyers essay, nothing was as I expected, I was exposed to many different types of people from various economic backgrounds from just being in the airport for a few minutes. Iyer’s opinion about lax was as a junction of colliding worlds because of all the different cultures and going to different areas of LA. Log In Sign Up. I also liked how he spoke about how airports are mini cities and that whatever happens at airports are just at a smaller scale of the city. This portion struck a chord with me because I came from the other side of the country to attend college here with similar ambitions. On one hand, we see the prejudice against Mexicans, and on the other we see Ethiopians, despite extreme cultural animosity, working along with the Tigre.

Nathalie Voigt May 21, at 6: Peoples expectations are very different from reality like im sure they weren’t weren’t expecting lax to be so busy. Think about how Iyer uses juxtaposition in his description of unlike images. Can you find some specific details and clues that make the essay seem exciting? Critics describe his writing style as both ironic and culturally sensitive. Theme A text may contain more than one theme.

A text can contain more than one theme.

Asia Paul May 21, at 6: The character was very vigilante. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

He also used culture to differentiate the differences in voice.

Look for some specific examples of things it said they DID expect to find. You are commenting using your Google account.


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However, the airport usually wheee for new beginnings and dreams for the people who come from distant lands. Picl says that lots of people have to get a part time job while they are trying to make their dreams come true, to save money. But you wouldnt expect everything to be so crowded and busy. You are absolutely correct. They both tend to be artificial, yet self-sufficient worlds of their own. Pico indirectly encourages people to just sit at airports and observe to learn about all the different cultures.

Where worlds collide | Harper’s Magazine

His outlook on them were difficult to understand. Notify me of new comments via email. Why does he want to draw our attention to this? How does point of view affect meaning?

Where worlds collide

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Los Angeles is often portrayed as the location where dreams come true and people strive for success. Who are these tourists? This shows the variety of cultures that meet in the airport.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay

Iyer then notices that signs wherw have the same message, but in many different languages. The comparison between two different images maybe between the part when he describes all the different types of people going with the same group. What effect do you think it has on “them,” that the first things they see are the smoggy haze, the mess of streets, and the tract houses?


Pico Iyer “Where World’s Collide” Reading Response

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where worlds collide pico iyer essay

Then, in small groups, share your drawings and respond to the questions your teacher edsay. You have pointed out the difference between the “blue skies and palm trees” they were expecting and the reality they see instead. The universal ideas about life and society that the author convey in this essay is that things are not always what they seem according to the article The blue coloide and palm trees they saw on TV are scarcely visible from here: Some of these jobs include working at the airport.

This portion struck a chord with me because I came from the other side of the country to attend college here with similar ambitions. The overall ideas about life and pio that the author used in this passage was that theres so much more to life that people dont take the time to see and analyze.