Having said that, you could also indulge your passion for film in our various advertising agencies and entertainment companies. I regard any degree as relevant, as long as a candidate has achieved a high standard. We ask for a minimum level of 2: Are our answers read in isolation of each other or as one long narrative? Interview If you’ve made it to the first round of interviews you’ve already done a great job. The application process for the MBA Fellowship is incredibly competitive: Each year, I deliberately try to hire people from a range of academic backgrounds, so that they bring different experience and problem-solving approaches.

We recruit once a year, and have done since Tuesday 13th December , What are the exact steps after the three-year fellowship? How did you find the interview experience? You can watch a sneak peak here:. WPP helps Fellows with relocation and, if necessary, with temporary accommodation. This can be a significant shock to people coming out of the academic world!

Clara, for example, grew up in Mexico, but studied in the United States and France, and worked in London before joining the Fellowship.

WPP is fortunate to have a wide array of businesses that serve many skills and talents. One of the major benefits of the Fellowship is the ability to work in other countries.

wpp fellowship essay

We invite between to candidates to submit the answer to a further question by video in mid-November; selections for interview are made by the first week of December. Remember — we are hiring people, not qualifications, and any application that gives just name, rank and serial number, or provides a very narrow, marketing communications-centric view of the world, is unlikely to succeed.


My advice for the interview stage: You will find that each agency is its own, unique ecosystem.

How to be a successful applicant for The WPP Fellowship | DebutLive

The interviewers are leaders in their respective fields. The main task for someone looking to make such a move is to think about everything you have learned as a lawyer, and how that might be relevant to our business. The Fellowship allows the opportunity to experiment with different disciplines, and find the place where the Fellows might contribute most to our business, and also get the most enjoyment and stimulation from their work. Flag this Item Cancel.

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First, ask yourself why we are asking the questions. How much flexibility is there with your choice of company? When I finish reading the application, I should want to continue the conversation in person. While we like Fellows to move after 12 months in a rotation, we can be flexible in exceptional circumstances. It’s simple to set up.

What advertising campaigns have you liked recently? Registering will create your profile and allow you to fellowshio with other members, you can set your display preferences once registered by going to ‘Edit Profile’ It’s free to sign up and for a limited period you can download our Complete Guide to Business School Applications. The interview process consists of a day-long event, where candidates meet with several senior executives from various disciplines across WPP.

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Are our answers read in isolation of each other or as one long narrative? Lots of Debutants tuned in and asked some fantastic questions.


wpp fellowship essay

All fellows have a peer mentor — someone recently graduated from the program — and a senior WPP mentor. One of our former Fellows, Otto Bell, worked with Ogilvy Entertainment in New York after his fellowshhip Fellowship rotations, and developed skills as both a producer and director during that time. Interview An application which includes short essay questions estimated people apply at this point.

We recruit once a year, and have done since The interview process itself is one of the toughest: Your written application is read as a single entity, in the order that you answered the questions. The answer happens to be Sir Martin Sorrell.

How to be a successful applicant for The WPP Fellowship | DebutLive

Participants spend a week in each of three different WPP companies, while also working in teams on a new business pitch. This year, the deadline is on November 9th.

Are you sure you want to remove this interview from being featured for spp targeted profile? You can watch a sneak peak here:. Please fill in the email field This email has already been used for a Businessbecause account. This year we had applications from 97 universities around the world.

We spoke to EY about how to juggle studying and working.