Shout out to the die hard hip hop heads though. Why do you want to win competitions? If your space is too small for you to do power or footwork, then train something else! Concepts are like templates that you apply to your foundational moves so that you have a guideline on what you can create. I have been very lucky to document and follow so many talented hip hop dancers. I mean it as in you just have to invoke some creativity — or adapt accordingly.

If you really want to improve, if you really want to become good, and if you possess a ounce of desire to become world-class, then you HAVE to do this. If you really want to make it a priority, then commit to it. It is common in dance, sports and basically, any skill you know. Learn the other angles first! Okay, throw in every parent you ever met and some other ignorant peeps. Mine was lack of space. It will be the truth today.

Just take the necessary precautions, train carefullyget proper guidance and you should be fine. If you have to do certain things to make your hobby work, then do it.

bboy thesis birthday

Certain experiences with certain people and certain feelings from the place and time. We forget why we started in the first place.

25 Heard-Everywhere Bboy Excuses Smashed Into Smithereens Right This Instant

Thseis with that power you have the capability to be ahead of your time. Learn to be yourself first, before you can feel ready to show and prove and smoke a mother fucker LOL. Some of my friends have made it work and are now married. Look at how this girl practiced from noob to skilled. We just need to learn how to bring it out. We are just children of the culture preserving the history of our creators and finding ourselves and learning that thessi never stops to keep creating.


As long as you take the necessary precautions, not try to be a reckless dumbass, and learn the proper techniques and methods…. Busy as he is, he still practices. Mentors need not be a physical manifestation of a person.

bboy thesis birthday

I hope someday we can meet you bro with my crew. I am actually barely starting to express to my loved ones about what I have been through and going through. If you really want to make it a priority, then commit to it. They have just watched a couple of year old Japanese bboys and bgirls kill it on the dancefloor — and they wonder if they birtday ever be as good as them. Maybe even ballet or contemporary dance. Aight, give us a little introduction about yourself: Is breaking serious or just a hobby?

Hip hop is just one of so many. I moved to Seattle when I was 1 year old and was raised there till I was 7 years old, then eventually moved back to Tucson and moved to numerous places in Tucson, went to San Antonio for half a year then back to Tucson.


Notify me of new posts by email. There thezis a number of bboys and bgirls who I have met or even emailed me that expressed their concern that they are too late to the game.

We have girls doing airflares, smoking bboys, winning competitions, judging and even being in the Olympics Committee. I felt like a new man.

25 Heard-Everywhere Bboy Excuses Smashed Into Smithereens Right This Instant

Even Elon Musk has felt lost at times. It is common in birtbday, sports and basically, any skill you know. I am not going to blow smoke up your ass like a motivational speaker and tell you how easy it is, how even your mum can pick it up and blahblahblah.

bboy thesis birthday

Creativity is an acquired skill. Our bboy pioneers used to get down to this particular segment of theesis song — which was then later used to coin the dance. You can even take inspiration from other dances and add their moves and movements into your breaking style.

As humans, we love the comfort zone.

Once again, trust me, I have a married friend who carves out time from his lunch break to practice. So what birthxay being a Bboy mean to you?