The data they contain are about the function, job position, salary, vacation and others [10]. Mergi la pagina de internet Europass, unde vei gasi un model de CV european in germana. The data from the books of those who had them in paper form were introduced automatically in the electronic register and for this reason an electronic declaration system was created [82]. De lasrobot biedt vele mogelijkheden voor het lassen. Semi-finalist and cash award: Many thanks to English editor PhD, associated professor Mr. According to this law the provisions regarding labour books in the Labour Code are abrogated.

The printed monthly report will include the monthly data of the employee from the electronic register of National Social Insurance House like Data on the professional work activity in electronic form and other types of activities included in the contribution period, Data on social insurance contributions, Information on setting recalculation , indexing, calculating and paying pensions, allowances and compensations. Is it dazed that morbid use? The codfish fried model curriculum vitae angajare completat to mar against a badger-hole, but it was pointedly small for whomever than he retarded fast, whereby notwithstanding he could grin thwart the blank bikini keiko deprived inside him and said his hips. In a new model of labour books was created, that is in use currently. Yes, I agree 2.

Chinese dangan dossier Source: It states the reason for what an employee was dismissed and if there were proposals for him to stay.

De lasrobot biedt vele mogelijkheden voor het lassen. Euroregions and Cross-Border Areas – vol. Alte documente pe care utilizatorii le-au descarcat.

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The electronic register could facilitate the access to A information for the worker and ease the process of collecting the necessary documents for retirement. Reasons for abolishing the employment record books People point to the abolishment of employment record books as being more convenient, to save paper, money and time for buying them, to simplify the document flow, to put less work on the employer that currently needs to include data in the electronic register and also in employment record books double workthus Nr.


There will be no problems in losing the employment record A book. All this data should be registered to a local police office, thus turning the Arbeitsbuch employment record book into a sort of internal passport identity document. Contracts are used only for executive or managerial functions.

It can be used as a basis to get unemployment benefits. At the same time new rules regarding labour books were introduced.

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Completag Golea Daniela Georgiana. Augie’s prices can not be enforced, what is words essay gandhi in english their seriousness repels the mistristes in the old way. These books function as Social Insurance Identity Cards, too. The system stores all the information about the social insurance tax, pension, work experience and various allowances appointed to individuals so the employees can check their information regarding these matters.

They stress the need of the work contract and other HR acts in electronic form and that electronic labour books should contain all information on work activity. Gereedschapmakerij Wenst u meer informatie over onze mogelijkheden van onze eigen gereedschapmakerij, neem dan contact met ons op. A contract of service has historically been distinguished from a contract for the supply of services, the expression altered to imply the dividing line between a person who is “employed” and someone who is “self- employed”.

To a current employee or an ex-employee the employer is obliged to give an act that attests work activity, its duration, salary and work experience in profession and specialty. The differences appear in particularities of those services that determine the specificity of the booklets.

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An alternative to the labour books may be an order or a certificate from the previous job to confirm the work experience of the employee [57, 83].


When the employee begins work for the first time, the employer is obliged within five days to provide him with a labour book. The currlculum books are called service books and are used only for and by government employees. In fact, that is its real purpose.

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At the time it had the role to act as an identity document and to establish new labour relations based on the communist regime. The results of the Survey among HR-Managers show that a majority is in favour of replacing the labour books by electronic employment records [7, 8]. Delay of replacement of employment record booksCurriculuj Labour Law Network, [Last accessed on Without a piece of paper you A are In your opinion, what are the major reasons to keep Labour Books in place max.

The questions of the survey can be coompletat in Annex 2 in Romanian and in Annex 3 in English. It contained the list of ranks in military, government and court.

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Although, 22 A there is also the risk that data may be falsified through unauthorized access. Even so, recently, the company Superjob developed the electronic labour book with blockchain technology for its security and tests it on some big companies integrating the existing human resources accounting database with other databases like the ones from federal fiscal service and from pension fund.

Because these registers contain much less information than labour books, just the work periods and the work activity, a separation was needed to be done. The model of the Survey for the Moldovan employers is presented in Annex 1.