Rushil Shah 45 Cards —. Tropical Storms and Tornadoes: Amy Mckie Cards —. Bethany Fitzpatrick 30 Cards —. Farmland, livestock, and fisheries were all destroyed. Gabriella Ingamells Cards —. Case Study of Hurricane katrina

Alice Greedus Cards —. However, this aid was limited to food, medicine and basic supplies, and foreign aid workers remained banned from the country. On 8th May they also sent 50 medical personnel and set up 2 mini hospitals. Rushil Shah 45 Cards —. The Water Crisis, Chapitre

Tropical Cyclones, Hurricane Katrina, Climate change. Paul Rodgers Cards —. Elle Kinsman Cards —.

Cyclone Nargis-Burma 2 may, – Mindmap in A Level and IB Geography

Diseases spread with many survivors dying from disease. Charlie Paterson Cards —.

cyclone nargis case study a2

Hostile Worlds, Hostile World: Intro, Climate and Weather, Hurricanes. Amber Dhesi 1, Cards —.

Louis Mason 78 Cards —. African Americans and Hurricane Katrina, Unit 2: Nargis was the first tropical cyclone to strike Freya List 69 Cards —.


Learn Hurricane Katrina

Lucy Hainsworth Cards —. Bailey Sparkes 27 Cards —. Case studies are important Abbie Pilkington Cards —.

Meg Daniel Cards —. Easily share your publications and get Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. International MigrationThe Golden Triangle.

Structural damage throughout Myanmar was extensive, causing over a million to become homeless after the event. Gabriella Ingamells Cards —. At IST, we get into pairs and each produce a case study one of the two tropical storms World at Risk Unit 1 Flashcard Maker: Geography- Hazards Flashcard Maker: Emily Mason Cards —.

Cyclone Nargis-Burma 2 may,2008

Hurricane Katrina Flashcard Maker: Maddy Murphy Cards —. Cycone Nargis struck in May and caused huge devastation in the military dictatorship of Myanmar formerly known as Burma. Cyclone Nargis was the deadliest cyclone to hit Asia sinceCase studies Flashcard Maker: Melissa Hopper 72 Cards —.

cyclone nargis case study a2

Jasmine Hughes Cards —. Hurricane Katrina vs Cyclone Nargis – slideshare. Storm development and background Cycone Nargis struck in May and caused huge cjclone in the military dictatorship of Myanmar formerly known as Burma.