Some are tall and some are short. On the pandals are to be found paintings depicting scenes from the life of the Buddha. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. This significant and traditional holy day is observed throughout Indonesia, where it is known as Waisak Day. It has been recorded that He reached attained Enlightenment after 49 days of meditation. There are some fantastic mime and street theatre performances, staged on tall platforms throughout the cities and towns near the temples.

Several brahmin and ascetics are said to have predicted that He would become either a great King or a holy man who would change the universe. With the increase in immigrants from traditionally Buddhist countries, the organization of pan-Buddhist groups and collaborative festivals such as Wesak were developed. Crushed bones of the cow is used for making urea. My parents are very helpful in this and I have quite a big collection of books written by different authors. It used to be celebrated on the 8th day of the fourth month in the Chinese calendar based on one of the legends that proclaims the day as Buddha’s birthday.

Public holidays in Sri Lanka. Many associations arrange competitions on Vesak lanterns with the creators of the most beautiful lanterns being awarded valuable prizes. Beach Getaway 07 Nights 07 Nights.

The Festivals in SriLanka: Vesak Festival

My best friend My best friend is Oshadhi. Some temples also display a small statue sesay the Buddha in front of the altar in a small basin filled with water and decorated with flowers, allowing devotees to pour water over the statue; it is symbolic of the cleansing of a practitioner’s bad karma, and to reenact the events following the Buddha’s birth, when devas and spirits made heavenly offerings to him.


essay about vesak festival in sinhala

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Powered by Lithium Technologies. Our new class teacher. Wesak is celebrated by many but are extremely religious and cultural in places such as Sri Lanka and is celebrated on the full moon on the 13th and 14th of May for two days. Survey of Buddhist Temples and Monasteries.

essay about vesak festival in sinhala

This article is about a Buddhist festival. Other than the exclusive religious aspects of the festival, the Buddhists of Sri Lankadecorate their houses and public places and arrange for various cultural events. Even the dung of the cow is used as manure. I saw cartoon characters. There are three major festivals that occur in the Buddhist community that form the spiritual peak, Wesak being the second festival which vesqk the Buddha and his enlightenment.


Vesak Poya – The festival of Lights

Other Funday Times Articles. Her name is Gabriella. He has been famous among children for many years. In many places we can see Vesak zones and temples hold expositions of sacred relics. The first one is His birth. In addition, colourful lanterns called Vesak kuudu are hung along streets and in front of homes.


Feedjit Live Blog Stats. Devotees are expected to listen to talks given by bhikkus well versed in the deepest philosophies of the religion.

essay about vesak festival in sinhala

Waisak Day in Indonesia has been celebrated as a national public holiday every year since When candles became popular, colourful lanterns were made in different shapes and colours were used. If you live in India and want pristine beache I enjoy reading a lot and I have read so many books so far in my life.

We light the oil lamps and Vesak buckets in the evening. I love my best friend very much. Abkut comes the birth of Siddhartha Gautama in Lumbini in Nepal which took place under the sinahla of Sat trees where queen Mahamaya gave birth to him.

Public holidays in Thailand. He is married to a Swiss lady. In Thailand, Laos, Indonesia and Vietnam, Vesak is celebrated on the fourteenth or fifteenth day of the fourth month in the Chinese lunar calendar. Shoes, boots and other goods are made of leather.