LOL So what are you waiting for? After that was another celebration: So to begin with, here are some funny pick up lines. But of course, the year is not yet over. Another cool thing about that event is the new connections the VoiceMaster was able to make.

This new batch served as an addition to the ever-growing pool of talents and circle of passionate young voice artists from CreatiVoices. Single ka ba sa Valentines? Be sure to browse these pick up lines delivered and made popular by one and only Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. She was also able to go to school abroad and be with friends both male and female, and yes she remained faithful to her husband. Kasi basta-basta ka lang pumapasok sa puso ko.

With these funny tagalog pick up lines of Miriam Defensor Santiagoyou would surely have a good laugh.

hayop sa galing graduation speech

Pwede ba akong humingi sa iyo ng kahit konting pagtingin? Di ka man lang nagpapaalam tuloy-tuloy kang pumasok sa puso ko.

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Pangalan mo palang kinikilig na ako. Next Inspirational Quotes about Love. Expect that love would not always be mutual.

hayop sa galing graduation speech

Though outnumbered by male spwech, senator Miriam never feared anybody in her 18 years senate life. The second half of the year was welcomed with another milestone in the career of its founder, none other than the VoiceMaster Pocholo Gonzales. She was undeniably glad to entertain the audience even more.


Miriam Defensor Santiago Pick Up Lines

On March 6, the VoiceMaster was invited to talk in front of about students of the San Pedro branch of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Imagine how a high official would deliver these pick up lines?

After that was another celebration: This event also enabled the VoiceMaster to learn more new ideas galihg techniques through the other voice artists from other places. Feel free to share it on your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. December was welcomed with a Christmas Pool Party where members of CreatiVoices Productions gathered and celebrated for the season. I ndeed, it was another chance to spread the word and share the blessing to the ones who were also aspiring to try out voice acting.

With how she look and talk, she would always make a remarkable moment of her own.


Again, it was another privilege for CreatiVoices galint its founder to be part of such a much-awaited event. Be sure to browse these pick up lines delivered and pseech popular by one and only Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. Haha such a funny madam. Again, a group of passionate young people who were eager to try voice acting convened to start their journey and learn the basics of the craft.

Her speeches are considered to be awaited scenes for the public. The entourage was composed of prominent personalities both in the politics, business and entertainment world. So to begin with, here are some funny pick up lines.


Proven enough that her love life is by far a successful one on their 42th wedding anniversary this year. This lady senator was very serious, graduuation yet very outspoken on every issue on senate hearings.

hayop sa galing graduation speech

Maglaro tayo ng kahit ano, wag lang taguan, kasi a guy like you is hard to find. This series of lectures and workshops for students visited different campuses in Luzon.

With its projects, activities, and achievements from left to right, it continues to prove that it is simply among the best. Though some pick up lines are not her original, it was how she delivered it that made the people enjoyed it.

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One its project was an AVP for Planet drugstore. Ang love, parang bayad sa jeep. Hundreds of young people attended this event which was held at the Cagayan de Oro College.

Jejomar Binay at the Coconut Palace.