In Plato’s philosophy, according to Austin Page 91 when the androgynous creature was split in two, it desired to be re united with its other half. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Old English Literature and Poetry The people with whom a person associates have a big influence on whether the person will be good or not. Veterinary Medicine and Zoology Courseware, 40 Hsun Tzu believes that human nature must be evil because if it was not then people would not do harm to each other but people do injustice to each other and that is why laws and rules exist to protect people.

It is because of this love that human beings seek one another and embrace each other Lane. Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. It is any wonder that they are no longer fine With the respite they get in the day and in the night, and the moistening by the rain and dew, ther is certainly no lack of new shoots coming out, but then the cattle and sheep come to graze upon the mountain. Religion and Society Philosophy of Psychology Mencius explanation for why people do not act justly is because they are flawed however they are capable of learning because their nature is good.

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People will only straighten pieces of wood that are curved. This is a clear indication that humans are born evil, and they should be taught how to attain good.

That is why it is as bald as its is. Therefore, Xunzi made the role of a wise and strong teacher key to moral progress.


hsun tzu essay

Art History and Theory Mencius did not believe that people are different, he believed we are all the same and all one needed was to be taught how to cultivate essat own innate tendencies Chan. Plato believes that human nature is filled with a desire to essau one another, and share esay love with each other. If their genitals had not been moved the humans would have continued embracing each other till death.

Accessed May 22, The ideas of Hsun Tzu seemed to resonate well with the people of China. Hsun Tzu also believes that humans are capable of being good but with lots effort and sacrifices. Four Different Ordering Options: Anthropology of Cities 9. Architecture and Design Itis our fate that governs our fortunes and determines our lease on life.

hsun tzu essay

The nature is that which is given by Heaven; you cannot learn it, you cannot acquire it by effort. Hsun Tzu believes that a the reason why people do good even though their nature is evil is because every man who desires to do good does so because his nature is evil. These four components and its virtues are what make people good. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

Law, Science, and Technology Legal Studies and Law So if a man is already rich, he will not long for wealth.

For example Hsun Tzu views that it is part of mans nature that his eyes can see, however sight can never exist without the eye, it is obvious that one cannot acquire sight by study. Is human nature naturally good or is it evil This question has not only been pondered by countless philosophers, but also by religious leaders around the world. He believes that goodness does exist but it is only the result of conscious activity.


Every person in the world is born with the four virtues of human nature, not to use them is like disabling oneself. Courseware, 28 People do not always go after their hearts and that is why they do bad acts. There is no need for people to have rituals because they will know what to do naturally, and there is no need for esway because people do not need to be taught anything.

Man’s Nature is Evil – Hsun Tzuu Essay

Hsun Tue is correct in believing that human nature is fundamentally evil because hshn stated above without rules and authority people would cause chaos therefore Mencius believe that human nature is good can not hold true. Epistemology Theory of Knowledge African American Literature Mencius view is that evil is the neglect of our human nature. How about make it original?

All humans posses the same nature… the sages Yao and Shun possessed the same nature as the tyrant Chief or Robber Chih, and the gentleman possesses the same nature as the petty man. The ideas of Hsun Tzu indicate the true nature of human beings.