For employers, it is a good way to recruit talent. Got my offer about a month ago. In the fourth year, they can take on research and projects that are related to the company’s work. Can’t rmb the exact date of my interview. What about people who didn’t do well for poly and cannot get into the Big 3? Besides acquiring work skills, it is an opportunity for students to try out jobs and learn more about the industry they will be entering. No need for a bachelor thesis!

Quote from Straits Time: Haha all the best! Like tech and property in china? Students can go out to work and apply what they have learnt from their professors and see how it can be applied to solve real-world problems in the industry. Edmwers keep chanting recession coming and property bubble gonna pop for the last decade leh Sent from the future using GAGT.

What are you trying to point out?

Edmwers keep chanting recession coming and property bubble gonna pop for the last decade leh Sent from the future using GAGT u must see got big bubbles or not, that is how big recessions happen excess liquidity helps. I have accepted the offer for system engineering.

Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ. But hey I’m glad I’m not alone waiting desperately for the results. SIT is pretty new after all and many things can change in the next years. Just received rejection letter for SIT thezis.


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If there is, I’d doubt my chances since most bahelor have received their date for the second interview by now. You are commenting using your WordPress. Starting a bit lazy to debate with you. Is your source from this link an accredited source?

This included the one run by Canada’s University of Waterloo, which is known for boosting the job prospects of its graduates.

hwz bachelor thesis

Can moderator please create a sperate thread and move the debate away from this thread?? For example, the SIT conferred Degree includes maximum 12 Month Internship to bridge the student to get full time employment. Just because it’s not recognised now, it doesnt mean we should just quit school and not study right? I got a better understanding of bachelof the work entails and what skills are important for work.

Adding bacheloe students will be graded, he said: Although statistic have shown that they have no problem with SIT graduate. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It seems you and I are among the shortlisted for the interview.


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We only work for ppl who value us. Now we can only hope for the best! Said the year-old, who took the job: I also wonder where is the next recession. Why not let’s change the perspective of degree Education.

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Notify me of new comments via email. I m sure you have better things to do than to be bashing schools online ForSIT likes this. U got a first class hons to get in with scholarship first?

Wake up your bloody ideas!

hwz bachelor thesis

Or maybe no big recession Guys pls stop debating this thread is only for and upcoming sit applicants! ForSIT, just chill and carry on with your application Kyoji83, bachelro chill and carry on with your life. Would agree that Kyoji83 is an experienced working adult, but whether he has knowledge on all these areas is questionable.

hwz bachelor thesis

C 6 Science Phys,Chem: