I speak the truth when I say that an average American could not get enough. For example, with all the new fashions and developing technology we use people want more and more. The speculators would take very big risks in building these towns. With so many products already being out, it becomes harder to come up with a new and fresher product than the last. Like I mentioned before, the American Frontier it is still a very strong influence in our society. This factor of more can be good and bad. Accessed May 22,

Shames explains how in the start of the frontier people would buy land in the middle of nowhere with the gamble of the railroad coming through the town to make the town grow and would make them very rich. Its there goal in life to become successful and the American frontier is a goal set that has to do with wealth. This echos what has been happening today with the value of stocks and homes falling. We will write a custom sample essay on The More Factor specifically for you. We would not strive to create new technologies and medicine that has been the main reason for advancement has a country.

Shames closes with a statement saying that America needs a different sort of growth, ultimately, we need a growth in responsibility and happiness not materialism or status. All these products being out makes it harder for people to want to buy more.

Someone may claim to be Jesus, sent from Heaven to help those in need.

If one laurencw create a convincing semblance of a town, the railroad might come through it, and a real town would develop, making the speculators staggeringly rich. They believe that the new one will be a more advanced product than the one they already have. With that in mind the town would eventually emerge into a real place for people to come to. What ever people own, there is always there newer version coming out. But can that actually be proved?


laurence shames the more factor thesis

We cannot diagnose it, faftor can we stop it. People want to set out to accomplish goals but once those goals have been met, they are not satisfied.

laurence shames the more factor thesis

Whether the prize is knowledge or experience, people need something to keep them going. I do believe that consumer culture and always wanting more is damaging American society in levels we cannot yet comprehend.

This has been the American trinity from the start. Much like the American Frontier centuries ago, the consumer culture surrounds us and unless we are willing to fall from the rapidly evolving society, we need to keep up with it.

laurence shames the more factor thesis

This makes me want to work more hours at my job to be able to consume that products hence I’m a slave to materials. He thought of the frontier as a place not of just empty acreage, but as a place of idea. First, it was the unexplored land of the West and after all that had been taken, people turned to the economy.

Shames has an interesting observation of the present, and historical ways of the American people. America is still searching for more, even after all the lakrence of pushing until there was no more. It negatively affect individual because of the temptation that would make us easily spend money on unnecessary items. I feel as though the demand might be a lot in America, but without it America would not advance to such great lengths.


English 1A: Summary of “More Factor”

From Europeans traveling to the new world to Americans moving factof in search of gold. All blog responses must be posted before the next class session. How to cite this page Choose cite format: But it looked like that the possibility thess growth was declining, with the productivity growth decreasing in the latter half of the century. To conclude, I would ask Shames what he believe would end up taking the place of the American dream of having more. He observes how they have always wanted more, and strived to create more and achieve to be the highest in rank.

The More Factor Essay

Would it be possible to gather enough evidence that every single person could hear that and believe it? Shames describes that thrsis American dream is basically money.

The speculators would bribe people with free housing to get people to become temporary residents of their towns while a head count was taken. This week we will are heavy with readings American never feel satisfied with what they own. Newer Post Older Post Home. They are finding less to be explored, but that does not mean that they are not looking.

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