You will also need to attach any supporting evidence in line with the Standards of Evidence table. Summative Coursework Extension Request. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes if you have submitted evidence to the School through another procedure. Exceptional circumstances that are not declared within the seven day deadline normally cannot later be taken into account, i. Further information about Plagiarism. You should discuss scheduling of your assessment submissions with your Academic Mentor. The Department of Health Policy submits all summative coursework to Turnitin UK iParadigms for textual similarity review and the detection of plagiarism.

You may try to obtain further evidence and resubmit the request if the assessment deadline has not yet taken place. Please note if you submit your coursework after the original deadline, this will result in later delivery of written feedback. They may have a significant impact on your academic performance in an exam or other form of summative assessment. Formative coursework does not count towards your final degree. This is achieved through a variety of methods including closed book and take-home examinations, presentations, coursework and dissertations. Administrative staff within the Department will not accept assessed work from you if it does not carry your candidate number. Summative coursework is to be submitted via Moodle in electronic format only; no hard copies are required.

Summative coursework is to be submitted via Moodle in electronic format only; no hard copies are required. It is not possible to request an extension once the deadline has passed. Please send your request to: If you require more time to submit the work than an extension would normally allow, or the assessment in question has a static deadline e. You can submit your coursework to Turnitin yourselves, before the final submission to make sure you have not inadvertedly plagiarised someone elses work.

Construct persuasive, theoretically informed oral and written arguments in relation to key debates in contemporary social policy. Please consult the course teacher for your specific courses for guidance on the requirements for the format and submission of formative coursework as procedures vary across courses.


Summative assessment Summative assessed coursework counts towards your final degree and is designed to evaluate your level of academic achievement along with your written examinations.

lse summative coursework submission form

This means following all invigilator instruction… twitter. By submitting your work on Moodle you are confirming that all work contained within your work is your own, apart from properly referenced quotations.

Exceptional Circumstances

If your assessment has not yet taken place, you should first seek an Extension Request. Confirming specifically that the circumstances were witnessed on the relevant date as opposed to being reported retrospectively.

lse summative coursework submission form

If you feel you need more time, you should contact the Sub-Board Chair as soon as possible with your skmmative. Students have the option to submit their coursework to Turnitin themselves, prior to their final submission. If you have been barred in more than one unit you will consequently be unable to progress into the following year of your studies.

If you are experiencing difficulties and require advice, you may wish to approach your Supervisor or Academic Adviser in the first instance. However, you may experience circumstances which are sudden, unforeseen, outside of their control and proximate to an assessment. For the avoidance of doubt, the School will never talk to any external agencies about your circumstances or fork of your personal details not even to confirm that you are a student at the School without your express authorisation.

Upon successful completion of their studies, students will be able courdework demonstrate specific learning outcomes: Your request will be forwarded to the Chair of the Exam Board – you can expect to receive a response within 5 working days, i. Once your extension request and evidence is received, it will be considered by the Chair of the Sub-Board of Examiners. When you submit the electronic copy summtaive Moodle you will be asked to confirm, by submission that you understand the School’s regulations on plagiarism and assessment, and by submitting your work on Moodle you are confirming that all work contained within your work is your own, apart from sybmission referenced quotations.


Advice, Communications and Operations Team. Department of Media and Communications. Extensions are not to be granted after the deadline. Such conditions may include that a student must. Normally, an extension request would need to be appproved by sjmmative Sub-Board Chair responsible for the course in which the assessment takes place.

Summative Coursework Extension Request

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact socialpolicy. The Department of Social Policy has standard procedures for the submission of summative coursework for all of its courses any course with the prefix SA. Individual courses may be assessed by one piece of Summative work or by a combination of different types of formative work. Copies of all papers submitted to this software will be retained as source documents in the iParadigms reference database solely formm the purpose of detecting plagiarism.

Permitted materials are also specified early in the year. Any quotation from the published or unpublished work of other persons, including other students, must be clearly identified by being placed inside quotation marks and a full reference to their source must be provided in the proper form. What we do and how to contact us. Your submissioh must not appear anywhere on the coursework or the coversheet.