Advincula, jerome englcom argumentative essay: I believe his choice of using a process from for his story was very effective. One of the behavior that is destructive in my race is hiddening behind fashion. Even in the word Conk compared to today’s term for straigthening hair Relaxer. Essay on electoral system in india Ap world history compare and contrast essay questions download advanced placement world history also known as ap world history, whap, ap world,. Why do people continue to engage in it?

I believe he writes this section as a process explanation to make it more personal and he is able to give his feelings at the time of the process and after the process by writing it this way. Newer Post Older Post Home. The Autobiography of Malcolm X was published in , when many African Americans regularly straightened their hair. Any race can get a relaxer it is not just for peolple of color. They know its not okay and its degrading to their own image but they still want to be followers. Malcomn talks about that conking was a disrespect toward his race but today people do it to manage their hair. I believe that his process essay was a form of exemplification but maybe he would be able to use his creative license to switch up the steps his friend did to make it more dramatic.

It was a c and long process to endure. It was only until recently that I embraced my own culture, started studying Spanish, listening to Spanish music. Sample essay self achievement Argumentative or persuasive essay writing: Comparing hot lye to a Salon where your hair is treated different like washing and new hair products and technology as well has improved straitening hair.

malcolm x my first conk thesis statement

While hair relaxing, or perming, is not prominent amongst African American males today, the process is still practiced by many African American women, as well as the use of wigs or hair extensions to make their hair conform to white standards of beauty. This thesis excerpt still relevant today, for many African Americans still straightening their hair.


An exemplification essay would have been able to list all the terrible things that happen in the process of conking hair. Statemebt maybe in fact old age members might still use those techniques but our generation now has simply adapted to better, more efficient and less painful ways.

Starving once self or forcing them self to throw ocnk after eating or when they just feel fat, because some girl in a magazine is super thin is stupid. These days people mostly African americans still do straighten there hair because they just want to look good. I think that it goes for any culture or group.

I am sure there are some techniques that still include pain, but maybe not as intense as he mentions in his text.

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He also used chronological order from buying the products to the final steps which gave the reader clarity in what was going on throughout the essay. He is basically trying state that back people should be proud coni who they are and should not feel that they are inferior to whites. Malcolm went into full details about the pain he felt while receiving the process.

malcolm x my first conk thesis statement

Yes is this relevant today many African- Americans straightened their hair. How the words in itself seem to give way to the transition of American Society. Relaxer in todays world does not hurt at all. Also by using a malcilm form he was able to keep everything in order, less confusing and give better detail were it was needed.

So yes i believe the thesis of the excerpt I read is still relevant. Malcolm also shared his first experience on how getting the conk brought out his thexis.


My First Conk from Malcolm X – Essay Example

Malcolm shares that seeing his conk for the first time ” the transformation after a lifetime of kinks is staggering” 2 what is the or his transformation, and what inside do you gain his response?

I frequently denied being Hispanic and pretended to not know Spanish.

He gave us detailed information on how the conking process goes. That somewhat relates to the pain that African Americans xtatement through in terms of being accepted in a society that looked down upon them for just being different. Why jalcolm you think Malcolm X includes so many references to pain and discomfort throughtout the text? I think the point would be that or differences are what makes each person beautiful and unique, so appreciate what was given to you.

Thesis statement my first conk malcolm x

I think that each person has their own reasons for straightening their hair. Bao Nguyen November 3, at 9: Jessica Esteves November 3, at Staetment continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

I feel as though you are given your image and you should not try to change it. Things change all the time. I believe that every group of people man woman or ethnic does things that are destructive toward their own group.

It symbolized a way to fit in. Since I look white, and most people think I am, Sttement assimilated myself into white American culture. Any race can get a relaxer it is not just for peolple of color.