Such Manual provides that it is only in urgent situations when intermediate commanders may be bypassed. The idea that a former president would lead an attempt to unseat a duly elected president. He leveraged this well. It is a fairly sad picture. And my dear darling can be President.

Walk the straight path. July 3, at The terrain covered by this operation is complicated: The PNP should review its Police Operational procedures to cover operations similar to Oplan Exodus and to clarify coordination issues. Get the lessons down, rejig best practices, and move on. The said article has my said about the “senate hearing” and public opinions based on what I have read all over My analysis, after nearly one month of reading about the situation, is that the ones in charge were overconfident.

mamasapano massacre essay

They turned the context to tragic, and even horrific. February 17, at What these people want masacre is a categorical statement that US forces took part in the operations.

My premise is if U. Ah, might have made a big difference, I agree.

Remember that there had not been any clashes with the MILF for the past 3 years or so that the peace talks had been on going. It sounds as spurious a claim as G.

mamasapano massacre essay

There are also private contractors assigned to the U. It is an honor, just more practice in eloquence,grammar ,etc and spelling and I will do justice to you all. It calls on all PNP officers and troops to speak up and stand against the Aquino regime and its police officials who ordered the Mamasapano operation and expose continuing US military interventionism in mamasapanoo Philippines,” the Communist Party said condemning the Aquino government including the United States which the party claims to be involved in the incident.


Nationalism, Patriotism, Pride is gone. The US supported the operation by providing technical support to enhance monitoring of the troops on the ground. CHR chief, senators disagree on what to call Mamasapano incident”. The Dalai Lama is from Tibet.

Mamasapano: who was at fault, and why | The Society of Honor: the Philippines

February 18, at 9: I want them dead too. But they all realized that more deaths will come if no peace agreement will be made among themselves. That is very clear.

mamasapano massacre essay

It is a fairly sad picture. It is better to change the attitudes of the nation about what democracy means rather than keep up the endlessly destructive cycles in search of perfection, where perfection is someone who looks and thinks exactly like us.

The military mission was a success. You could be right on the first one, and I agree on the second but in both cases, considering the importance of the peace process the balancing of risks and gains was poorly done. Catholics and Muslims must follow their priests and imams, and not self-thought out reason or conscience.

I tend to think that collective action stems from individual action. It is a clearing house for knowledge and insights. These were command decisions. The Senate labels the conflict as a massacre due to the manner the 44 SAF personnel were killed while the Commission on Human Rights CHR insists that the incident was a misencounter and not a massacre.


February 20, at 3: Napenas should not take the fall for the mission.

FDLS Online Magazine: Reaction Paper : Mamasapano, Maguindanao Massacre (Fallen 44)

The man with all the secret information, the historical background, the insights into people. Legislators argue intellectual constructs such as sovereignty to advance their political aims. Yes, of course, they are tough on their massadre browned-skin pig-snout massare lips Filipinos. Of my understanding of the events that occurred and from various versions about the incident, there was no one claiming that the President has nothing to do with the operation and therefore squeaky clean.

Lessons from Mamasapano

Took me a while to know this man. Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito calls the human rights body to also protect the rights of government security forces and not only those of activists and media people. Makes up for a lot of human shortcomings. Massacrw me, putting the loyalty on his personal friend first rather then the interest of country and right cause is a deviation of the right path.