In Tokyo, hundreds of concerned office workers tried in vain to make calls on jammed cellphone networks, some wearing hard hats and other protective headgear. The Fukushima nuclear power plant also faced directly the epicentre of the Earthquake. Geological Service, larger than the 7. Power cuts continued for several weeks after the earthquake and tsunami. According to Save the Children , children were separated from their families. The majority of these are not felt by humans and are only detected by instruments.

The tsunami is a secondary consequence of this initial movement. Also the point at which the earthquake happened The FOCUS was relatively shallow 30 KM deep , which is the reason why the Tsunami travelled at such speed and caused so much damage. Over , displaced people in the region needed catering for, and issues included shortages of food, water, shelter, medicine and fuel for survivors. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. Japan experienced one of its largest seismic events on March 11

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The earthquake caused a power cut at Fukishima Daiichi nuclear power plant which caused a failure in its cooling system, and subsequently caused radioactive materials to escape, causing local radioactivity levels to increase up to 40, times than normal. Earthquakes – West Monmouth School. The crowd appeared spooked by the sound of glass windows rattling in tall buildings.

They have readily trained teams of people to go in and assist with events like this. Many of them streamed out of buildings in the business district, gathering in open areas.


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Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. Many people did not react quickly enough to the tsunami alert, and even if they did the 20 minutes or less warning was insufficient for the people to escape. A British rescue team has arrived in Japan to join the search for survivors of the earthquake and tsunami.

A number of executives at the Fukushima power plant resigned in the aftermath of the disaster. As the result of this many bodies were buried in mass graves to reduce the risk of disease spreading.

Case Study – Japan Earthquake & Tsunami 11/03/11

These are not exam-style Questions, but simply extension tasks that will broaden your understanding of Natural disasters. The Japanese government is among the best prepared in the world for disasters and has so far only made specific requests for help, such as calling for search and rescue teams.

Nomination Form – IIT. This exposes high numbers of people to the hazards of tsunami. The seabed close to the focus of the earthquake rose by 7m and moved westwards between m.

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Water could be seen rising over cars and pouring into warehouses at Onahama port in Fukushima Prefecture, with five deaths reported in Fukushima. Write clearly, the fears and any difficulties that you faced. Fifty-nine search and rescue experts, four medics and two sniffer dogs flew out on a private charter plane with 11 tonnes of equipment on board.

medc earthquake case study japan 2011

In additionbuildings totally collapsed and another nearbuildings partially damaged. How does Japan live with earthquakes? A map to show the location uapan the Japan Earthquake. The Pacific Coastal zone, on the east coast of Japan, is particularly vulnerable as it is very densely populated. Parts of the Japanese coastline dr[[ed by 60cm.


medc earthquake case study japan 2011

A Meteorological Agency official appeared on TV urging those affected by the quake not to return home because of possible tsunamis. Japan had its emergency crews and the army on site very quickly after the mdec.

A tsunami measured at anywhere from one meter to 7.

medc earthquake case study japan 2011

Live footage of the actual earthquake – what impact did JUST the earthquake have? As Clean water was scarce, water-borne diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid spread rapidly. The Japan Earthquake: Farthquake has a hazards agency, the Japanese Meteorological Agency, which is set up for the prediction of earthquakes and tsunami. Many road bridges were damaged or destroyed. Modern innovations, such as Twitter were bringing updates on the situation far earlier than the media.

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This displaced the water above in the Pacific Ocean earhtquake a Tsunami wave to ripple radially outwards. All Tokyo area trains were halted, while the shinkansen bullet train service was suspended. Add this document to saved.