Siddhant, Kumar Implementation of fractional open circuit voltage mppt algorithm in a low cost microcontroller. Mohanty, Piyus and Sahoo, Saransh Analysis of two level and three level inverters. Rout, Jyoti Ranjan Study of the settling charactristics of fly ash-water slurry and designing of a settling pond. Swain, Abhishek and Nayak, Somya Geotechnical properties of fiber reinforced pond ash. Das, Nishan A study on analysis and prediction of erosion response of plasma sprayed alumina coatings. Deoriya, J Stress analysis of knee joint and knee prosthesis.

Ray, Sachet and Gupta, Aditya Kumar Modeling of calibration circuit for partial discharge measurement. Sethy , Amit Preparation of oxalic acid from molasses. Hansdah, B B Study on error in space speed prediction. Pattanayak , Suchi Sraba Development of efficient power supply for microprocessors using zero voltage switching. Behera, Lokanath A conceptual design of pattern to replace investment casting. Vineela, Sanampudi Eye Corner Detection.

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Kumar, Binit Multiferroic composites an overview. Nayak, Sarthak Study of chip breaker on turning of stainless steel. Sahu, Jagannatha Study of tensile and flexural properties of luffa fiber reinforced epoxy composite.

Manadhata, Chitransu Modeling for the steady state production of large open cast mines- case study. Dung, S D Assessment of the suitability of coconut shell charcoal as filler in stone matrix asphalt. Agrawal, Ankit Kumar Effect on naphtha yield, overall conversion and coke yield through different operating variables in FCC unit using Aspen-Hysys simulator.


Sangra, Pankaj Kumar Classification of Electroencephalography signals using mixture of Features. Oram, Shikha Ergonomic wheelchair design. Patnaik, Pallabi and Dumpawar, Shivani An attempt at optimizing the flow characteristics of blast furnace slag by Investigation with slag obtained from blast furnace of Rourkela steel plant, SAIL.

ChauhanMahendra Singh thhesis Nath, Deepjyoti Offline signature verification scheme using feature extraction method. PandaAbhishek Effect of shape, size and content on the effective thermal conductivity BeO filled polymer composites.

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Santosh Kumar Dynamic response of pile foundations under coupled vibration. Jena, Shiva Shankar Investigation into spontaneous combustion characteristics of some Indian coals and correlation study with their intrinsic properties. Rout, Akash and Srivastav, Rallapalli Crack identification in beams.

nit rourkela phd thesis

Acharya, Soham Mathematical modeling of bioethanol fueled DI diesel engine. Behera, Suraj Prakash Fabrication of silk-based composite scaffold for bone-ligament-bone graft using aqueous polymeric dispersion technique.

Chanda, Asit Baran Hardware design of electronic notice board. Pyd, Soubhagya Ranjan Experimental study on synthesis, characterization and applications of novel adsorbents.

Chinthapatla, Nikhil Damping of composite materials with riveted joints. Yadav, Ritlal Kumar A study on mechanical behavior of surface modified jute fiber reinforced epoxy composites. Bhoi, Manas Ranjan Creep behavior of rock. Goyal, N Screening of novel drugs against alpha-glucosidase, a key enzyme in diabetes.

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Devismita, Thhesis Numerical modelling of cell dehydration during cryopreservation. Pacheri, Shasikala Development of continuous monitoring device for water spill and temperature. Mishra, Upasana Development of Cobalt-Magnesium doped hydroxyapatite for bone tissue engineering application.


Kumar, Mukesh and Dash, Sambit Relay based traffic contol system using infrared pair detectors.

Kindo, Ajit Kumar and Goel, Rajesh Optimization of heat treatment of steel developed for turbine shafts. Nath, K Use of multicomponent fluid for waste heat recovery using kalina cycle.

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Garnaik, Mohita Mohan Effects of highway geometric elements on accident modelling. Kalo, Roupyakanta Design of reconfigurable manufacturing system. Siddhant, Kumar Implementation of fractional open circuit voltage mppt algorithm in a low cost microcontroller.

Baxla, M A Comparative study of similarity measures for item based top n recommendation. Choudhary, Akash Hand-written English numeral recognition rlurkela using neural network.

nit rourkela phd thesis

Gupta, A Study on speed profile across speed bumps. Nayak, Anil Kumar and Dash, Anuj Effect of quenching media on properties of aluminium-alumina metal matrix composite. Behera, Priyadarshi and Bhaisare, Deep K Synthesis and characterization of ultrafine hydroxyapatite HAp powder coating on stainless steel substrate by electrophoretic deposition.

Kumbhar, Yudhistir Microstructure and properties of AE42 magnesium alloy and its composite.