Prelecture 3 Heat capacity and thermal conduction. Homework is long and hard I’m not good at physics , and exams are tricky. Discussion teaches me the most out of the whole course. It also seems like your problems with lab and discussion are based on other people in the class and not necessarily the format themselves, although it seems like a good TA would be able to mitigate both of those things somewhat. Prelecture 11 Chemical potential part 2.

If it’s the former, that would explain this:. Not sure why we have to take them then. These classes favour conceptual learning over rote equation derivations and sample problem templates of limited use. Log in or sign up in seconds. Prelecture 7 Thermal radiation. Labs – everyone wants to finish as fast as possible and not care about the material Discussion – can be helpful if the group cooperates.

Prelecture 9 Free energy.

UIUC Physics Spring

Homework 1 due Online quiz 1 due. So I guess that kind of makes sense. You must not have a great imagination. I’d go with this route if you have time in the summer.


UIUC Physics Summer

Discussion 7 Quiz 6. I learn by examples being worked out, and they maybe do 1 or 2.

This subreddit is not sponsored or endorsed by the University of Phjs or any other on-campus group. It’s probably been removed by the overzealous reddit spam filter. Or, do I take it over the summer somewhere to transfer over the gomework at a community college or something along those lines; this is what I’m leaning towards. Homework 3 due Online quiz 3 due. If it’s the former, that would explain this:. Heat Capacity and Conductivity Text: PHYS Summer I watch Michel van Biezen’s physics video for example problems, which helps a lot.

I can’t imagine physics is taught any worse anywhere else. I like worked examples, that’s how I learn. Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Townies are all welcome. Prelecture 6 Boltzman distribution.

phys 213 homework uiuc

Log in or sign up in seconds. Thermal Properties of Materials.


Though the physics classes may have some issues, there are a lot of resources to make them easier. The pre-lectures just don’t teach me well. Been an issue I’ve been having throughout college. Pre-lectures are more conceptually based than I’d like. Discussion – can be helpful if the group cooperates. The Boltzmann Distribution Text: When doing the pre-lectures, are you trying to just get through them or are you focusing on the content in them carefully?


I’m doing well in diffeq for now, so I’m hoping that will be better, although I know it’s still going to be hard. Prelecture 4 Entropy and volume exchange. I learned most of it on my own doing the homework assignments to be honest a lot of it was my fault though, I had a hard time paying attention to lectures.

phys 213 homework uiuc

Prelecture 1 Pressure and equipartition. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. They introduce new information.

phys 213 homework uiuc

Can you go into more detail about each part and why it didn’t work well for you? Want to add to the discussion? No, but I don’t see how the pre-lectures didn’t teach anything.