The course is taught through 24 lecture hours and 11 weekly tutorials. However maybe this is a problem of the course itself , can sometimes take a long time to get to the point, and everything can seem very abstract. This review was posted on July 24, An almost-weekly take on English history with a focus on the development of the English language. Anita is as described in the other reviews, not engaging at all. If you want to get into law I suggest not taking it as you’ll have to work your ass off in all your other papers in order to keep your GPA at a reasonable level. We believe that this will be a useful resource for students, particularly those who may be taking history as a general education paper or without previous experience studying history.

I won’t lie, the course is particularly difficult at times but it is so satisfying at the end to have learned something substantial. Blatantly ran down people right of centre, the usual insulting of Donal Trump or any right wing figure is to be expected. In this video, former American Historical Association President William Cronon discusses his work as an environmental historian and the importance of effective storytelling in historical writing. Readings are listed in the week of the relevant lectures, and will normally be the relevant readings for the tutorial the following week. Tutorials were horrible and unhelpful.

This course is disorganised, biased to the left though I am lucky not to have had the dragon Anita, just the feisty feminist Thomas Gregoryand is confusing in both content and purpose. While I disagree with right-wing politics, I hold no grievances against folks who vote right-wing because say… they wanna keep taxes and regulations to a minimum.

But it is also relevant to anyone who is a member of the New Zealand public and who watches, listens to, or reads the media — which is everyone. Paul was a great coursewoork.

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To pass, do the reading, don’t openly disagree with the hierarchy but keep your principles in your mind, don’t submitand basically kiss ass til lyou get a good mark. This review was posted on October 20, No originality in thinking whatsoever.


There was a change in lecturer this year, which I suppose was a good thing especially after reading all these comments on how hoa Anita was. Topics include the historical coyrsework of states and the international system, the evolution of international norms, laws and organisations and the global pursuit of power, security, order, prosperity and emancipation.

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uoaa In this video, English historian Simon Schama talks about what he thinks history ought to look and sound like in the 21st century. The lecturer is not as bad as people are making her out to be.

So perhaps the lecturer is an acquired taste, but personally, I found Anita to be a really capable and effective lecturer you’ll see that the other reviews sometimes tend to say otherwise – I mean, hating the course because of the lecturer is a bit mean, let’s be honest.

It introduces class members to some of the major ideas and academic insights relating to the role of words, phrases, and images in public political life.

Fill in the details below to create an account, if you already have an account you will uuoa signed in instead. Look, conservatives, I’m sorry that people who have studied at great coyrsework historical and contemporary geopolitical relations don’t subscribe to your garbage beliefs, upheld by antiquated religions and failed economic theories, truly I am sarcasm.

Some people dont mind this sort of thing but I found it to be unprofessional, I was disappointed there was no attempt at objectivity like the other politics course I had taken that semester.

politics coursework guide uoa

So you get to the exam, and you essentially have to teach yourself everything that the paper was supposed to teach you during the semester.

This review was posted on June 09, This review was posted on June 25, Glenn building Pol syllabus 5May.


Political Science

The application of the theories to political ideas and events were broad but I could gain enough scope to pursue what I found interesting such as identity and violence and to completely disregard global warming which I find boring. I’m not the type of person who would normally hate on uni courses, and Lolitics wish I could say more nice things about the course, but unfortunately You learn lots of theories but fuide lectures pretty bad prepare for a lot of your own study and some desperate Google searches.

Overall, this was the one class that I was genuinely excited to turn up to twice a week and would definitely recommend Anita as a lecturer. This review was posted on September 30, Overall, I wouldn’t straight up say to not take this course. All we have been doing is talking about wars and countries, not their politics.

Anita is extremely boring and the tutorials are extremely quiet. Realism, Classical Realism, Neo-Realism etc. The fact that many of this issues have clearly been going on for years based on these reviews, but noone has EVER done anything about it.

This one is for the etymologists. Tell me what I meant to write in the exam. Explore your study options in Politics and International Relations. But I don’t think Anita gets to this point I think she has strong feminist views but I wouldn’t say she steps over the mark in terms of being overly extreme about them. So unless you really, really like politixs theories and way too many five syllable words in your every sentence, go take something nicer. Lets start off with Dr Stephen Hoadley This review was posted on November 21,