Each question has several answer choices based on different categories people, entertainment, showbiz, music, etc. Contestants who will be able to manage to blow the biggest bubble gum bubble will be the winner. The winner will become a BakClasher. They may also use props and music to enhance their acts. The group with the fastest time or with the highest number of correct answers wins.

The segment is sponsored by the local telecommunications company Globe Telecom. The highlight of the beauty pageant are the funny antics of the contestants, including their ridiculous answers to serious questions and their humorous performances in the talent portion. The goal of the game is to guess the word in under two minutes. The picturist will be given a word or a phrase which he or she must draw on a whiteboard, the category won’t be given to the guesser; the sole guesser must guess what is the exact word or phrase he or she is drawing or sketching under 1 minute. It is a singing contest for trans women. The segment is scripted and the outcome of the competition is previously arranged.

Guapito is a beauty contest for men who are handsome and talented.

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The score for each group’s performance is shown by the karaoke screen. For the first challenge, the candidates will first introduce their own information such as their characteristics, habits, hobbies, zodiac signs, likes, dislikes, and favorites to the searcher, and they will also make a pick-up line to the searcher; the searcher will then choose one from the four whose characteristics amuses or attracts him or her, and the chosen candidate will then step forward to the second stage.

Otherwise, just one violation of the said requirements means the disqualification of that barangay. Dabarkads Hiphop Dance Challenge is a one-day dance competition between the show’s hosts to determine who is the best at hip-hop dancing.


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Dabarkads Around the World is a home viewer portion in which home viewers can send greetings and messages to their loved kuly across the globe.

The segment is bulxga counterpart of the segment That’s My Boya pageant for male children. The segment is a reincarnation of the Mr. The reigning BakClasher who manages to get 7 wins will advance to the next round and will be included in the BakClash Hall of Divas ; this applies for BakClashers from Luzon, and a total of 10 winners were chosen for the BakClash Hall of Divas.

problem solving eat bulaga july 31 2015

Palengke Queen is a beauty pageant for female merchants from the palengke. Bayanihan of d’ Pipol segment chose a winner problrm its Sugod Bahay portion, the winner’s name is Lolieta.

One teammate is given the secret word that his teammates must guess.

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The group who will consume as many foods as they can in one minute will be the winner. The pageant spoofed the Miss Universe pageant in which Steve Harvey returned to host the event after his notable error in Miss Universe The second bulsga is a matching game, the candidates and the searcher must choose from 2 choices regarding random questions regarding their likes through writing on a portable whiteboard.

The contestant with the most points wins. Once the Christmas-themed Coca-Cola jingle is played, the four lucky studio audience members holding the gift boxes win the prizes hidden inside the box. It is prolem of the advocacy and eco-friendly projects of Eat Bulaga! The contestant who gets the highest score from the Brick Game will be the winner. The bulzga repeatedly turn their bodies to the proper side that matches the voice type that they are currently using.


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Miss Engkantasya Universe is a one-day segment that parodies beauty pageants. Alaxan Muscleman is a male beauty contest for Filipino musclemen. Homeviewers may email their problem or directly call the hosts to share their problem on air.

There are five balloons, each balloon has a paper with a word written in it. The contestants of the segment are Eat Bulaga! BEBOT is a one-day segment that parodies beauty pageants.

One notable contestant of this contest is comedian and Eat Bulaga! EatBulaga 1 fan nyo ko simula bata kung d nyo kyang alisin aldub pkbwasan korni na at oa pkibalik dting problem solving na mas nakakatuwa.

The segment is sponsored by Coca-Cola to promote the company’s new global marketing campaign Open Happiness. The second bomb has a distinct mechanic in which 6 guests from the show enter the stage bbulaga their cards that reveal the choice’s answer. Lenten Special episodes, and the program will then ask a question related to the shown clip.

Eternity Acting Contest is an acting contest. Each contestant prepares one dish over the course of the episode, taking the audience through the inspiration, preparation, and stages of cooking. It is a contest for mothers and their daughters.

Faulkerson mainfaulkerson August 13, Among the finalists, the photo with the most likes on the EB Facebook page will win the grand prize.