Karen Wullaert – Harassment in the Workplace: Lane Nesbitt – Jealousy and Competition: Click to call Provide practical knowledge about research design, quantification of behavior, scientific writing, the use of animals in research, and miscellaneous techniques used in biopsychology and cognitive neuroscience research. Tanner rose to international prominence as a co-author of Signal Detection Theory.

Keyword Search of psych 0″ v-on: In addition to completing all the requirements for the major, an honors degree in the major requires:. This will include the writing of an extensive literature review on the topic, culminating in an acceptable research proposal that is approved by both the faculty member and the Theis Program Director. The purpose of this course is three-fold: The student must be the primary presenter of the research, whether it is as a single or joint author.

John Swets, and other students, friends, and family members. The Role of Manipulability.

Psychology Department majors working on an outstanding research project whose subject is diversity or inclusivity, broadly defined e. The Schwabauer Excellence in Community Engagement Award was established with support from Rich and Gwen Schwabauer to acknowledge students who have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to improving the lives of others through service learning and community engagement. Meet the submission deadline for graduation — Students must meet a submission deadline of April 1, August 1 or December 1, during the term of graduation.

Provide students with opportunities to gain in-depth practical laboratory experience by assisting in the research lab of an individual faculty member in the Biopsychology or Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Program.


Past Thesis Topics | U-M LSA Department of Psychology

Examining the Heterogeneity of Delinquency in Adolescents. Remember that thhesis your chosen research mentor is not on the list of approved co-sponsorsyou will need to identify a co-sponsor from the list.

Requires a minimum 25 page paper to meet ULWR standards – page count may include cover page, references, appendices, etc. An Evaluation of Transfer and Freshman Students.

Honors Program

When a particular area of psychology is not covered by a regular course offering, an independent study course provides students knowledge and experience in that area. Once you have identified an area of interest, gain some umuch in conducting research through a faculty-directed research project PSYCH, or by enrolling in a specialized research methods-based course PSYCH,, Accelerated Master’s Degree Program.

Lord Ching Hung – Clutter in the Classroom: Students majoring or with an academic interest in both Psychology and Biology; other considerations include financial need, academic potential, and past or present community umuch volunteer work. Experiential Lab Psych Yona Isaacs – Cholinergic Highs and Lows: An honors designation cannot be added to a degree already awarded by the college.

Honors Program | U-M LSA Department of Psychology

You can ask to meet with them to discuss working with them on an independent study or an honors project! Localization and Ukich Regularities Mentor: If you cannot meet it, you may postpone the date of graduation until the following term in order to allow the honors evaluation to be completed and included with your degree.


psych honors thesis umich

Emily Armstead – Examining Rumination and Sleep: Keyword Search of neurosci 0″ v-on: You may seek an extension of the deadline so that you can complete the thesis and graduate at a later time. Zainab Ali Ahmad – Wandering Eyes: A qualitative study of Asian American College Students.

Past Thesis Topics

Let us help you! The reports of all readers will address the quality of the science reported in the thesis, as well as the quality of the written presentation. Ciaran Considine – Unpredictability and Paranoia: The thesis is typically double spaced pages, and must conform to standard American Psychological Association APA psychh. I would highly recommend this experience to others!

psych honors thesis umich

The independent research courses are just that: The honors level will be pwych on the official diploma and transcript. We strongly encourage our graduating Honors Students to attend this event to be recognized for all their hard work. Students presenting at multiple conferences are allowed to apply more than once, but must fill out separate applications for each conference.

Edelstein Lolita Moss – Still in the Shadows: