All multi-lingual empires gravitate towards a lingua franca. The red sunrise is pale compared to ruby on his chest. So that meant someone had to promote Telugu and make sure that gems like the Ashtadiggajas were able to produce brilliant works. They never protected the kings and they were never loyal. From the ashes of the Hoyasala and the Kakatiya empires arose a power which was to rule the region with such glory which had never been seen before and will never be seen again. His body was a radiant black, blacker than the rain cloud. In Sanskrit, Vyasatirtha wrote Bhedo-jjivana , Tat-parya-chandrika , Nyaya-mrita a work directed against Advaita philosophy and Tarka-tandava.

Despite being a Saiva, he also wrote books on Vaishnavism, and he was called as Mukku Timmanna, because of a very beautiful poem he wrote on the Nose Mukku. His guru Vyasatirtha was a Kannadiga Madhwa saint. Vijayanagara Empire – Wikipedia. Kamat, Concise history of Karnataka , pg. The Holi festival is the festival of colors.

sri krishnadevaraya essay in telugu

They were mostly Kannadigas or Tuluvas but they promoted all the languages of the empire. The Thiruvengadam Temple, Volume 2.

The newly founded Vijayanagar empire which had lot commanders and leaders from Hoysala empire decided not to trust Brahmins anymore. All multi-lingual empires gravitate towards a lingua franca. His body was a radiant black, blacker than the rain cloud. It is believed that Krishnadevaraya wrote the work, after getting a dream in which Lord Vishnu appeared and instructed him to write the story of his wedding to Andal at Srirangam in Telugu.

With regard to the promotion of the economic progress of his people, Krishnadevaraya says: The administration of the empire was carried on along the lines indicated in his Amuktamalyada. Around this time, Krishnadevaraya took seriously ill. Once, when there was some trouble with construction of a big reservoir, Krishna Deva Raya ordered the sacrifice of some prisoners.


He was well versed in Kannada, Telugu, and Sanskrit, apart from his mother tongue Tulu.

sri krishnadevaraya essay in telugu

Some of Andal’s verses krishhadevaraya love for Lord Vishnu, written with bold sensuality and startlingly savage longing, hunger and inquiry, that even today many of her most erotic poems are rarely rendered publicly. Pratapurdradeva could not protect it [Kondaveedu Fort] and he surrendered several military and civil officers, including Virabhadra, son of Prataparudredeva were taken captives by the king of Vijayanagar.

Leave a krishnadwvaraya Click here to cancel reply. They promoted the languages spoken inside krishnadecaraya territories. Krishnadevaraya planned for an invasion of Kalingabut the Gajapati Emperor, Prataparudra, was made privy to this plan. Much of our information about his reign comes from the accounts of Portuguese travelers Domingos Paes and Nuniz. His concern for the welfare of the people is amply proved by his extensive annual tours all over the empire, during which he studied everything personally and tried to redress the grievances of the people and to punish the evil doers.


Eight Telugu poets were regarded as eight pillars of his literary assembly and known as Ashtadiggajas. And Krishnadevaraya was the person who did it.

The exploits of the military commander, Pemmasani Ramalinga Nayudu of the Pemmasani Nayaksduring the Battle of Raichur were distinguished and lauded by Krishnadevaraya. He also did an experiment called Chitra Kavita magical poemswhere all 4 lines of a poem could be read from either direction.

Krishnadevaraya Biography | Caste and Essay | Birth and Death Dates

Krishnadevaraya returned all the territory north of the river Krishna to Prataparudra Gajapati. The defeat of the Kakatiyas was a very huge blow to Telugu language which had just begun to blossom under them. The rule of Krishna Deva Raya was an krishnadebaraya of prolific literature in many languages, although it is also known as a golden age of Telugu literature. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


He is also popular in folklore with numerous stories based on ewsay that extoll his wit, sense of humor, and the close relationship he had with Sri Krishna Deva Raya.

Lovely Professional University Apply Now. He was of the opinion that the King should always rule with an eye towards Dharma. KidzSearch Safe Wikipedia for Kids.

Krishnadevaraya Biography | Caste and Essay | Birth and Death Dates

Krishnadevaraya who ruler or the king of the kingdom of Vijayanagara in from the year to He also contributed in building parts of Srisailam temple complex. Working as an IT professional sincewriting code for a living, now taking the first steps to write books too. They were fine patrons of art and Telugu language.

From —, it was a glorious period in South Indian history or rather, in the history of the subcontinent. Then after the reconquered of the Raichpur, Krishnadevaraya once again he marched to Gulbarga and liberated the sons of Mahmud II from Ali Barid, the son of Kasim Barid, made the eldest of them sultan and brought the others with him to Vijayanagar and treated them with much consideration.

A concise history of Karnataka: