The Pentecostal movement shares our Wesleyan heritage, but I doubt that Outler would have endorsed how the quadrilateral is used in that context. My sense is that what most contemporary Methodists do when they deploy experience as a general category is that they use their life experience to ask which of the two contrary positions makes the most sense in light of what they know about life and the people around them. This method is not the end of Christian understanding at all-it might just be its beginning. When put up for sale, there was no bid for the Brewery, or the Saracens Head and its first tied house, the nearby Golden Lion. Rarely, in popular discussions of the quadrilateral, is experience defined in the specific and more technical way that Wesley and Outler did. A large red brick house had been purchased for the purpose, and altered and improved.

My concern, and the reason I wrote them out, was that it seemed that many on the left and some on the right were going at it in the entirely opposite direction with my and their incorrect understanding of experience putting scripture off until last, if it was even worth considering. Read more about Fred here. We do not use cookies to collect user data. Interpretation always accompanies Scripture. I think the quadrilateral is both a tool that does a poor job of accomplishing what it was intended to do and one that is very rarely used as it was intended. But I was born a little too late, or the golden age of Theological Pluralism was too short.

Scripture has always had a place of primacy or first order. The Quadrilateral is not equilateral—that is, the four sources are not equally weighted. How does one ascertain what is a basic Christian truth or easay of looking at things?


I actually wrote out the four like this while reading through blog comments with people calling Wesley to their cause:. In the latest issue of in The Wesleyan Theological JournalWesleyan theologian Don Thorsen carries out a nice little exploration of biblical authority and theological method. May 1, at 4: I also read, though, from others in our Wesleyan tradition who are not United Methodists, that they have embraced the experience to be experiences with the Holy Spirit.

wesleyan quadrilateral essay

And auadrilateral I still do value the Quadrilateral as a valid and useful part of our heritage. I can live with that, Kevin. Therefore, tradition is an important tool one can use in the quest for making Christian assessments.

wesleyan quadrilateral essay

Your theology is different from mine. The way I originally learned of it and — especially — learned to visualize it no longer strikes me as valid.

Faith Seeking Understanding: The Wesleyan Quadrilateral | Cardboard Magazine

Sorry this ran so long. A great deal of the confusion in contemporary United Methodist theologizing is caused by people addressing deep issues of human life quadri,ateral the search for meaning with profound ignorance of the ways in which these questions have been answered by those who have gone before us. Likewise, many people overlook the primacy of scriptural authority in the quadrilateral.

wesleyan quadrilateral essay

However, Outler never termed the method the “Wesleyan Quadrilateral,” a misapplication that conservative scholars say undercuts the authority of Scripture. It is in interpreting Scripture that one must use one of the secondary norms outlined previously.

The Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Scripture as the PRIMARY source of Christian Authority

I got to have coffee with McLean yesterday and the conference has been fun as well. Thank you, Kevin, for this excellent, clear, concise expression of what Outler meant when he coined this very misunderstood even in his own lifetime term. In that sense I am not, strictly speaking, of either the sola scriptura or the prima scriptura school probably a good thing I went before the BOM way back in The only means by which the assumptions of Tradition can be evaluated or challenged is only through Reason.


It is not just any experience that a person has. Without it, the remaining tests are irrelevant. This experience of the Holy Spirit provides the assurance weslfyan revisionist interpretation in favor of same sex marriage is superior to the traditional anti-homosexual-in-all-cases view.

It may be found in Christianity, something may agree with Buddhism. The importance of the guidance of the Holy Spirit in governing our Reason cannot be emphasized heavily.

The wesleyan quadrilateral essay A person could still be able to sinbut intentional or wilful sin could be avoided. Vladimir Seminary Press, The primacy of Scripture is very often overlooked, forgotten, or ignored.

Nearly thirty years later, I wonder how Outler would feel today about his creation. No one person could actually use this tool to construct a comprehensive faith. The past is not your bully pulpit – Unsettled Christianity. Albert OutlerExperienceQuadrilateralWesley.

Either solution quavrilateral pose would be preferable to the status quo. The third aspect is asking questions of reason and logic. Or do you think that Holy Spirit stopped giving new information when Wesley died?